Picking Exotic unisex baby names is an incredible choice, and we appreciate it. We’ve everything for your adorable baby, so all you need to scroll down and find your desired exotic unisex baby name. Aren’t you excited to start away? Of course, yes! Let’s get started!

Unisex baby names that appropriately go with both genders are among the most popular baby naming cultures. 

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Be on the front line of this pattern and give your baby an ideal possibility for future accomplishment by choosing an exotic unisex baby name.

These beautiful 125 glamorous unisex baby names will assist you in getting started.

Exotic Unisex Baby Names (A-F)

1. Adrian

If you want your baby to have a lucky future, this Greek root name implies “ironic.”

2. Amari

This name has Arabic, African, and English roots. Amari implies “strength” and “immortal.”

3. Ariel

In the Bible, this Hebrew unisex name implies “lion of God.”

4. Ash

This name relates to the ash tree, which, according to folklore, Odin made his spear from.

5. Aspen

From American roots, Aspen implies a “quaking tree.”

6. Bay

This English root name implies “sea inlet.”

7. Blake

This name implies “pale blond” or “dark” and is usually associated with the number 4!

8. Bobbie

The signifying of this exotic unisex name is “famed, cheerful, shining.”

9. Brooklyn

Not to be tangled with the famous NYC borough, this name implies “broken land” or “pretty brook.”

10. Blair

This beautiful Scottish name implies “field, meadow.”

11. Cameron

Despite this name signifying “crooked,” this name is a widespread choice for unisex baby names.

12. Carson

Being the 87th most widespread unisex baby name, this implies “of the marsh.”

13. Casey

Imitative from the green hills of Ireland, this name implies “attentive.”

14. Charlie

This beautiful unisex name implies “free” and has English roots.

15. Corey

It has English and German roots; this name implies “God’s harmony.”

16. Dakota

This American name translates to “companion.”

17. Dallas

This name implies “from the meadow” and has Scottish roots.

18. Drew

This popular unisex name implies “warrior” in Greek.

19. Dagon

In the Bible, this name suggests “fish.”

20. Darra

From Hebrew origin, this name suggests “wise.”

21. Emerson

It has English roots; this name implies “brave, influential.”

22. Emery

This unisex name implies “work ruler.”

23. Easton

The name Easton implies “from the East Town.”

24. Eden

With Hebrew and Biblical roots, this name implies “paradise.”

25. Eilian

It has Spanish roots; this name implies “light.”

26. Frankie

With old American roots, Frankie implies “free or truthful.”

27. Fenix

Derived from the Greek islands, this unisex name implies “dark red.”

28. Fernley

From Old English roots, this unisex name implies “fern field.”

29. Finnegan

This Irish name implies “fair.”

30. Flash

This American name implies “bright light.”

Interesting Unisex Baby Names (G-K)

31. Glenn

If you’re looking for a mighty Scottish name, this name is a great fit, and it implies “from the wooded valley.”

32. Galaxy

This galactic American unisex name implies a “huge system of stars.”

33. Garnet

The Old English word used for the ruby red gemstone!

34. Gavyn

Derived from the Middle Ages name Gawain, this name implies “white hawk.”

35. Gemini

It has Latin roots; this name implies “the twins.”

36. Harper

With solid roots in Ireland, Scotland, and England, this name implies “harp player.”

37. Hayden

In Old English, this name implies “evaded valley.”

38. Hunter

This English name indicates “one who hunts.”

39. Haylen

This Scottish name implies “fire.”

40. Hao

Greeting from Vietnam, this beautiful unisex name implies “good, perfect.”

41. James

This familiar and old-fashioned Biblical name implies “may God defend.”

42. Jesse

In Hebrew, this outstanding unisex name indicates the “gift of God.”

43. Jordan

Referred to the river and derived from Hebrew origin, this name implies “flow down.”

44. Jaden

This name has several meanings in different languages. In Hebrew, it implies “thankful, God has heard, or he will do justice.”

45. Jace

This glamorous unisex name implies “the Lord is Redemption.”

46. Kai

This name has various roots and signifying in different traditions. In German, it implies “warrior.” In Hebrew, it suggests “holiness of the land of Israel.” In Hawaiian, it denotes “ocean or sea.”

47. Karter

a famous last name in the Middle Ages denotes “carrier of goods by cart.”

48. Kennedy

This Irish name implies “protected head.”

49. Kane

This fantastic Celtic name indicates “battleground.”

50. Kade

This unisex name implies “robust” and has American roots!

Why are exotic unisex names on the hype?

Modern parents like unisex baby name thoughts since genderless baby names allow your kid to characterize themselves and their personalities all the more uninhibitedly as they grow up.

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Similarly, non-binary pronouns (“they” as opposed to “she” or “he”) are getting all the more generally used in the working environment. unisex-names.com—the expert in baby name patterns believes that modern parents have been inclining toward more unisex baby names. Unisex baby names to be the most significant baby-naming patterns of 2021.

51. Lake

With English roots, this baby name implies “the body of water runs deep.”

52. Lincoln

This name got famous by the 16th president; Lincoln implies “from the lake settlement.”

53. Landon

This unisex English name implies “from the lengthy hill.”

54. Lyndon

This name implies “from the flax knoll.”

55. Lyric

This exotic unisex baby name implies “words of a song” and is inspired from the land across the pond, England.

56. Max

This famous Latin name implies “the utmost.”

57. Morgan

This beautiful Welsh name implies “born in the sea.”

58. Mckensie

In Gaelic, this stunning name implies “comely” or “child of the intelligent leader.”

59. Makoto

Deriving from Japanese origin, this name implies “sincere, honest.”

60. Mani

With Abrootsal roots, this unisex name implies “alike.”

Interesting Unisex Baby Names (N-T)

61. Nuru

It has African roots; this name implies “bright” in Swahili.

62. Nat

A short variant for feminine names like Natalie or masculine names like Nathanial, this unisex derivative name implies the “gift of God.”

63. Nell

A beautiful nickname in Old English, this exclusive unisex name implies a “cheerful, shining one.”

64. Nour

This name implies “light” in Arabic.

65. Noe

Related to the name Noah, this glamorous unisex name implies “serene.”

66. Oakley

This English name implies “from the oak tree field.”

67. Ocean

This Greek name implies “sea.”

68. Otzar

With Hebrew roots, this name denotes “treasure.”

69. Oakes

If you’re considering exotic unisex names, this English name ideally fits! It implies “dweller by the oak tree.”

70. Omid

 With Old Persian roots, this name implies “hopefulness.”

71. Parker

It’s a common occupational surname; this perfect unisex name implies “gamekeeper.”

72. Phoenix

This name implies “dark red” in Olden Greek and also has mythical roots.

73. Page

This Old English name implies “assistant.”

74. Pax

With old Latin roots, this name suggests “harmony.”

75. Pemberley

With English roots, this unusual unisex baby name implies “from the barley hill.”

76. Quest

Look no further than this unique unisex name for your newborn! This Latin name implies “long search.”

77. Quin

In Celtic language, this unisex name implies “wise.”

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78. Quinby

With Old Norse roots, this unisex name denotes “manor of the woman.”

79. Quincy

Rooted in Old French, this super-unique unisex baby name means “estate of the fifth son.”

80. Quant

This unusual name implies “rouge” in Dutch.

81. Reagan

if you want To choose a monarch baby name, this unisex name is the perfect fit and signifies “little king” in Gaelic.

82. Remy

This unisex name implies “oarsmen” in French.

83. Riley

Inspired from Ireland, this name implies “Descendant of Roghallach.”

84. River

With English roots, this name implies a “river of water that flows to the sea.”

85. Rory

Inspired by the last king of Ireland, Rory O’Conor, this name implies “red, rust-colored.”

86. Sam

Generally, a short variant for Samantha or Samuel, this unisex derivative implies “God’s name.”

87. Sawyer

a popular surname in Old England, this distinctive unisex name implies “wood cutter.”

88. Skylar

This unisex name denotes “scholar” and has American roots.

89. Spencer

With British roots, this exotic unisex name implies “steward.”

90. Sydney

With French origin, this name implies the “contraction of St. Denys.”

91. Tatum

Welcoming phrase from the British Isles, this name implies “happy, full of life.”

92. Tait

It has Old Norse roots; this name implies “joyful.”

93. Taylor

The Biblical signifying of this unisex name implies “one clothed with salvation.”

94. Terrin

This unisex name implies “of the Earth.”

95. Teegan

If you love literature, this cool unisex name is the right choice! In Gaelic, it implies “little poet.”

Bizarre Unisex Baby Names (U-Z)

96. Unique

With American roots, this name implies “unlike others.”

97. Umber

With French roots, this name suggests “shade.”

98. Urban

With Latin roots, this name implies “from the city.”

99. Utah

Has Native American roots, this uncommon unisex name implies “people live on the mountains.”

100. Urbain

This name implies “of the city” and has French roots.

101. Vahn

This commonly used unisex name implies “God is courteous.”

102. Valentine

Not being typical with the 14 February, this fantastic unisex name implies “energetic and robust.”

103. Valo

With Finnish roots, this name implies “light.”

104. Vermont

The name of a U.S. state, Vermont, implies “green mountain.”

105. Vero

With Latin roots, this name implies a “prodigious hero.”

106. Winter

If you are parent-to-be in the winter season (December to February), consider this unisex name because it’s a great fit! This name implies “the coldest season of the year.”

107. Walker

This name implies “fuller of cloth.”

108. Wallace

This name has English roots and denotes “immigrant, stranger.”

109. Waneta

With Native American roots, this name signifies “shape shifter, charger.”

110. Waverly

This unusual unisex name has British roots and implies “from the Firewood field.”

111. Xerxes

An uncommon name choice for your future bundle of joy. Consider this holy name with this Greek signifying “ruler over heroes.”

112. Xia

Deriving from Chinese roots, this name implies the “glow of the dawn.”

113. Xen

This unisex name implies “a Buddhism’s form.”

114. Xavi

This name is of Basque roots and implies “the new house.”

115. Xu

With Chinese roots, this name denotes “vivid rising sun.”

116. Yachin

With Hebrew roots, this name implies “established by Yahweh.”

117. Yae

This incredible Japanese unisex name mentions the flower’s multiple layers.

118. Yale

It has Welsh and Old English roots; this name suggests “heights, upland.”

119. Yardley

Inspired from England and Wales green and cold places, this name implies “the wood where spars were got.”

120. Yarden

With Arabic and Hebrew origin, this name implies “to flow down.”

121. Zane

With roots in the old U.S., this name implies “God is kind.”

122. Zeal

Originating from English roots, this name denotes “with urge.”

123. Zealand

This ingenious unisex name implies “from the sea land.”

124. Zasha

With Russian roots, this name implies “defender of the people.”

125. Zene

It has deep roots in African culture; this name implies “attractive.”

Over to you

Picking a kid’s name can be quite possibly the most overwhelming task as a parent or parent-to-be. We hope that you have found a perfect baby name from the above exotic unisex baby names. Also, opting for unisex baby names gives considerably more choices to pick from. Yet, choosing a unisex baby name can be an eye-catching choice while playing in the ground or the classroom.

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Choose something pretty unique that lasts forever because a name is for a lifetime. Do you want us to add your favorite unisex baby name? Feel free to inform us, and we’d be happy to add your favorite name to our lists.

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