A Complete list of Unisex Names-2021

Picking unisex names is getting famous among modern parents. There are plenty of reasons why parents explore unisex name lists when selecting the ideal moniker for their future baby.

unisex baby names

We arranged more than 300 unisex baby names that work for boys and girls and lessen your headaches of researching unisex names for you. We’ve found the baby name’s origin and its significance. Rest assured to look at our popular list of unisex names of the year here.

List of unisex baby names

Some parents can hardly wait until their second ultrasound to pick the perfect baby name, so they choose a unisex name that will fit a baby boy or girl consummately.

A few parents need to pick a name and don’t have any desire to know the baby’s gender by any means, and some essentials like the sound of an impartial name like Riley, Addison, Sam, or Avery.

Still, others like to be on top of baby name patterns. Right now, unisex baby names are more popular than any time in recent history, particularly among modern and reformist parents – they sound cool and still lovely when it’s all said and done.

Here is the comprehensive list of Unisex Baby Names!

AddisonOld EnglishChild of Adam.
AdlaiHebrewMy ornament.
AdrianLatinDark one.
AidenIrish GaelicFiery one.
AinsleyIrish GaelicOne’s meadow.
AlbyIrishFrom Alba.
AlexGreekDefender of humanity.
AliArabic“Exalted, noble.”
AmariAfrican – YorubaStrength.
AmenEgyptianPower of the universe.
AmoryOld GermanHome ruler.
AndieGreekElement Andros (man).
AndyGreekElement Andros (man).
ArcherOld FrenchBowman.
ArdenLatinArdent, fiery, enthusiastic.
ArielHebrewLion of God.
ArrowCelticStream or bowman.
AshHebrewHappy, cheerful.
AshleyOld English“From the ash tree meadow.”
AshtonOld English“From the ash-tree village.”
AspenEnglishTrembling tree.
AubreyOld FrenchElf ruler.
AudenOld EnglishOld friend.
AugustLatinWorthy of respect.
Austin/AustenLatin“Great, magnificent.”
AveryOld EnglishElven ruler.
AzariahHebrewGod has helped.
BaileyOld EnglishBailiff, law enforcer.
BakerOld EnglishOccupation/baker.
BayVietnameseBorn on Saturday.
BellamyOld FrenchHandsome friend.
BergenNorseLives on the hill.
BevanWelshSon of Evan.
Billy/BillieEnglishResolute protector.
BlaineIrish GaelicThin, slender.
BlairScots GaelicA plain.
BlakeOld EnglishPale-skinned or Dark.
BlueAmericanColor or sad.
BowieScots GaelicBlond.
BradyOld English“From the broad island.”
BrennanIrish Gaelic“Descendant of Brennan.”
BrentOld English“From the steep hill.”
BreslinIrish GaelicViolent.
BrettLatinFrom Britain.
BriarOld FrenchHeather.
BrightonHebrew“One who is loved.”
BronwynWelshWhite bosom, fair.
BrookOld English“From the brook.”
BrookeOld EnglishSmall stream.
BrooklynEnglish“One who lives near a brook.”
CaelanIrish GaelicMighty warrior.
CameronScots GaelicCrooked nose.
CampbellScots GaelicCrooked mouth.
CarrollOld EnglishMan.
CarsonOld English“Son of the marsh- dwellers.”
Carter/KarterOld EnglishCart driver.
CaseyIrish GaelicWatchful, observant.
CassidyIrish GaelicIngenious, clever.
ChandlerOld FrenchCandle merchant.
ChanningIrish GaelicYoung wolf.
CharlestonEnglishTown of king Charles.
Chris/KrisGreekCarrier of Christ.
ChristianGreekAnointed, Christian.
ClancyIrish GaelicRed-haired.
ClayOld English“From the place of clay.”
ClaytonOld English“From the clay- estate or town.”
CleoGreekGlory, fame.
CodyOld EnglishPillow.
CoreyIrish Gaelic“From the hollow.”
CypressGreek“Long-lived, adaptable.”
Dakota/DakotahNam. Indian – DakotaFriend.
DaleOld EnglishFrom the valley.
DallasScots GaelicFrom Dallas, Scotland.
Dana/DaneHebrewFrom Denmark.
DarbyOld English“From the deer park.”
DawsonOld EnglishSon of David.
DenverOld English“From the green valley.”
DevinIrish Gaelic“Poet, bard.”
DevonOld EnglishFrom Devon.
DominiqueFrenchOf the Lord.
DorianGreekFrom Doris.
DylanWelshSon of the sea.
EastonOld EnglishFrom East town.
EastynEnglishArea of land to the east.
EddieEnglishRich in friendship.
EdenHebrewPleasure, delight.
EgyptGreekThat troubles or oppresses.
EliHebrewOn high, the highest.
ElleryOld EnglishFrom the elder tree island.
Elliot/ElliottGreekJehovah is God.
EllisHebrewFor life/for God.
EllisonOld EnglishSon of Ellis.
EmersonOld GermanEmery’s son.
Emery/EmoryGermanicBrave, powerful.
ErinIrish GaelicFrom Ireland.
EverHebrewStrong as a boar.
EverestEnglishHighest in the world.
FabianLatinPossibly Bean- grower.
FinleyIrish GaelicFair-haired warrior.
FinnOld GermanFrom Finland.
FlynnIrish GaelicSon of the red-haired man.
FrankieFrenchFree one/Frenchman.
GabrielHebrewHero of God.
GentryMiddle EnglishNobility of birth or character.
Glen/GlennIrish GaelicOf the secluded valley.
Gray/GreyOld EnglishGray-haired.
GreerScots GaelicWatchful, alert.
HadleyOld EnglishFrom the heather meadow.
HaloGreekDivine aura.
HamptonEnglish“One living in Hampton.”
HarleyOld English“From the long field.”
HarlowOld English“From the army hill.”
HarperOld EnglishHarp player.
HavenOld English“From the safe harbor.”
HaydenOld English“From the hedged valley.”
HeroGreekHeroic warrior.
HollandEnglishFrom Holland.
HollisOld English“Near the holly bushes.”
HudsonOld EnglishHugh’s son.
HunterOld EnglishHunter.
IndianaEnglishThe country India.
IndigoLatinDark blue.
Jackie/JaquiEnglishGod is gracious.
Jaden/Jayden/JaidynHebrewJehovah has heard.
JaelHebrewMountain goat.

Unisex Baby Names List

Picking unisex names doesn’t need to be a political assertion; it’s merely a developing inclination among modern parents. Valid, your grandmother probably won’t care for it, yet she’ll get over it! Talking about the grandmother, here’s a top-notch list of unisex names!

cute Unisex baby names
JaziahHebrewGod helps.
JeanHebrewA gift from God.
JoeHebrewMay Jehovah add.
JourneyAnglo-FrenchDay’s journey.
JulianLatinJove’s child.
KadenIrish GaelicBattler.
KaiJapaneseForgiveness, mercy.
Kamryn/CamrynIrish GaelicCrooked nose.
KeeganIrish GaelicSmall and ardent.
KeelanIrish GaelicSmall, slim.
KeelyIrish GaelicBeautiful, graceful.
Keith/KeathScottishLarge forest.
KellyIrish GaelicWarrior.
KelseyOld EnglishPossibly from the island.
KendallOld EnglishFrom the valley of Kent.
Kennedy/KennediIrishHelmeted head.
KensleyEnglishClear spring.
KerryIrish GaelicDark one or From Kerry.
KevinIrish GaelicHandsome.
KieranIrish GaelicDark one.
KileyIrish GaelicBeautiful, handsome.
Kim/KymEnglishBold family/kin.
KingsleyOld EnglishFrom the king’s meadow.
KylarIrishA wood or church.
KyleScots GaelicA narrow spit of land.
KylinIrish GaelicFeminine of Kyle.
KyrieIrish GaelicDark.
LakeOld EnglishLives by a stream.
LandryFrenchPowerful ruler.
LaneOld EnglishFrom the lane.
Lee/LeighOld EnglishDweller near the woods.
LennonIrish GaelicSmall cloak.
LennoxScots GaelicWith many elm trees.
Leslie/LesleyScottishGarden of hollies.
LincolnOld EnglishFrom the town by the pool.
LindenEnglishLime tree.
LindsayOld EnglishFrom the island of linden trees.
LoganIrish GaelicFrom the small hollow.
LondonEnglishThe city of London.
LonnieGermanicReady for battle.
LorenGermanicLives in Lourentum.
Lucian/Lucy-AnnLatinBringer of light.
LumiFinnishLight bringer.
LyricAmericanOf the lyre/song.

List of Modern Unisex Baby Names

Here, the unisex names list extends. Woo-hoo!

Cutest baby girl names
Macey/MacyEnglishVillages of Normandy.
MackenzieIrish GaelicSon of the wise ruler.
MadisonOld EnglishSon of the mighty warrior.
MarleyOld EnglishFrom the meadow near a lake.
MarloHebrewBitter (Marilyn).
MarlowOld EnglishFrom the hill near the lake.
MasonOld FrenchStoneworker.
MaxwellOld EnglishFrom Maccus’ well.
MemphisLatinEnduring and beautiful.
MerrittOld EnglishA famous little one.
MicahHebrewWho is like God?
MichaelHebrewWho is like God?
MickyHebrewWho is like God?
MillerOld EnglishMiller.
MonroeIrish GaelicRiver delta or Red marsh.
MorganWelshPossibly Great.
MoriahHebrewGod is my teacher.
MurphyIrish GaelicSea fighter.
NavyEnglishDark blue, warships.
NicoGreekVictorious people.
Noel/NoelleFrenchBorn at Christmas.
OakleyOld EnglishFrom the oak tree meadow.
OdeAfrican – NigerianBorn while travelling.
OreOld EnglishMan of the mountains.
OswinOld EnglishDivine friend.
ParisOld EnglishFrom Paris.
ParkerOld EnglishPark keeper.
PatEnglishPatrician, noble.
PaysonEnglishSon of peace.
Payton/PeytonOld EnglishFrom a small town.
PeaceOld EnglishPeace.
Perry/PerrieEnglishDwells by the pear tree.
PhoenixGreekBird reborn from ashes.
PiperOld EnglishPipe player.
PoetEnglishOne who writes verse.
QuincyOld FrenchFrom the estate of the 5th son.
QuinnIrish GaelicWise.
RaleighOld EnglishFrom the deer meadow.
RamseyScottishWild island.
RaphaelHebrewGod has healed.
RayEnglishBehaves regally.
Rayne/RainFrenchStrong counselor.
ReaganIrishA descendant of Riagan.
RebelGermanicLittle respect for authority.
ReedOld EnglishRed-haired.
ReeseWelshArdent, fiery, enthusiastic.
ReganIrish GaelicLittle king.
RemiFrenchRower of a boat.
RemingtonOld EnglishFrom the raven-family town.
RemyOld FrenchFrom Rheims.
Rene/ReneeFrenchBorn again or reborn.
RevelEnglishLittle respect for authority.
RidleyOld English“From the red meadow.”
Riley/RyleyIrish GaelicCourageous.
RipleyOld English“From the loud man’s meadow.”
RiverEnglishRiver or riverbank.
Robin/RobynGermanicBright, shining, famous.
RoreyIrish GaelicRed king.
RoryIrish GaelicRed.
Roux (‘Roo’)French“Little red one.”
RowanOld EnglishRowan tree.
RoyalOld FrenchRoyal, noble.
RudyGermanicFamed wolf.
RumiJapanese“Beauty, flow.”
RyanIrish GaelicIllustrious.
RylanIrishIsland meadow.

The List of More Unique Unisex Baby Names 

Explore the following unisex names with origin and meanings. We hope that you find your great fit!

SageLatinWise, healthy.
SalemArabic“Peaceful, complete.”
SamHebrewGod has heard.
SamarArabicNight talk.
SashaSlavicMan’s defender.
SawyerEnglishOccupation/wood sawing.
ScoutFrenchGatherer of information.
SeanIrish GaelicGod is gracious.
SenecaLatinKeepers of a great place.
ShannonIrish GaelicOld, ancient.
ShawnHebrewGod is gracious.
ShilohHebrewThe one to whom it belongs.
SidneyOld EnglishFrom St-Denis.
Sky/SkyeOld EnglishOf the Isle of Skye.
Skyler/SkylarDutch“Giving shelter.”
Sloan/SloneIrish GaelicWarriors.
SpencerOld EnglishProvisioner.
Sterling/StirlingEnglish“High quality, pure.”
StevieGreekCrown, victorious.
StormOld EnglishStorm.
SunnyOld EnglishBright, happy.
SuttonOld English“From the southern town.”
SydneyOld FrenchFrom Saint-Denis.
Sydney/SidneyOld EnglishLives by a vast meadow.
TannerOld EnglishLeather tanner.
TateOld EnglishHappy, cheerful.
TatumEnglishCheerful bringer of joy.
TaylorOld EnglishTailor.
TennesseeAmerican Indian“Meeting place.”
TennysonOld EnglishSon of Dennis.
TexasCaddoFriends, allies.
TimberAmericanWood, strong.
TobinEnglishGod is good.
Toby/TobeyMiddle EnglishThe goodness of God.
Tony/ToniEnglishWorthy of praise.
TracyOld French“Domain of Thracius.”
TristanWelshPossibly Sad.
TylerOld English“Maker of tiles.”
UniqueLatinOnly one.
VesperLatinEvening star/prayer.
Wallis/WallaceWelshFrom Wales.
WesleyOld English“From the western meadow.”
WestGermanic“Lives in the west.”
WhitneyOld English“From the white island.”
WinterOld EnglishWinter.
WisdomGreekWise, smart.
WrenOld EnglishWren, a bird.
WyattOld FrenchSmall fighter.
WynneWelshFair, pure.
XenJapanesevariant transcription of Zen.
XoanHebrewGod is good.
YaelHebrewStrength of God.
ZephyrGreekWest wind.

Wrapping Up List Of Unisex Names!

All the baby names compiled here are a great fit for girls and boys. Some of them may sound a smidgen more like a girl name, and some more like a manly name, so you’ll have to value your (and your partner’s!) judgment when finding the perfect unisex baby name. Picking a unisex baby name is a significant choice for mothers and fathers!

unisex baby girl names

Have you picked your favorite unisex name from our unisex names lists? We’d be happy to know your famous unisex name for your little one! Do you think we have to add more unisex names here? Feel free to give us your valuable suggestions.

Best of luck with your parenthood journey!

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