Are you looking for the perfect badass unisex baby name ideas for your future baby? We have lessened your headaches of the intense researching process of finding the best badass unisex name. You can ponder one of these badass unisex baby names that are a bit hasty, daring—and maybe a bit hazardous. In a decent way, of course!

Badass baby Names

In recent times, we’ve realized that most parents tend towards traditional and classic baby names because the badass baby name idea is floating among modern parents. Some parents also consider different origins, such as colors, countries, flowers, celebrities, and political figures.

Why choose badass Unisex Baby Names?

But now in this era, every liberal parent considers badass baby names for their new little ones. Picking up a badass name for your future bundle of joy does not mean that s/he will have habits of an evil child. Your child can possess a nastily exciting appearance, boldness, and positive conduct if you pick your baby’s badass name.

We have compiled a list of badass baby names for your little one. Mostly names are modern; celebrities enthuse some. And other names inspired by a time when badass were deliberated disgraceful. But, we’ve compiled a list of some appropriate badass names with origins and meanings for your kiddo. So, keep reading until you find the best badass name for your new little one.

AlexThis baby’s name has a Greek origin. “protector, protector of man.“
AndyFrom the Greek name “Andreas,” “man-like” or “courageous.“
ArdenAn English unisex name. “Valley of the eagle.”
Ash English origin. “ash tree.“
AveryA surname of English origin. “goblin ruler.“
BentleyEnglish origin “meadow with uneven grass.”
BillieThis baby’s name is of English origin. “stubborn protection.“
BobbiThis name has an English and Scottish origin. “Current.“
CaseyThis name is of Irish origin. “watchful, vigilant.”
ChandlerThis baby’s name is of English origin. “a manufacturer and vendor of candles.“
ChanningIrish and English origin. “people of Cana” or “wolf cub.“
CharlieGerman origin. “free man” or “lovely.”
CoryIrish origin. “from the echoing.“
DakotaThis name came from the name given to the tribes of northern Plains Indians, also known as Lakota and Sioux. “friend“, “welcoming”, “buddies.”
DylanThis baby’s name has a Welsh origin. “son of the sea.”
ElliotOld English origin. “God is great.”
EmeryGerman origin. “brave, influential.“
ErenA baby name of Turkish origin “saint.“
FinleyThis baby’s name is of Scottish origin. “white, fair, combatant, hero.“
FrankieEnglish and Latin origin(short form of Francis derived from Franciscus)“French.”
Gabrielle (or Gabriel)French origin. “God is my forte.“
HarleyEnglish origin. “hare’s field.“
HarlowEnglish origin. “military.“
HarperScottish origin. “a person who plays the harp.“
HaydenThis name is of an English origin. “hay valley.“
IndigoThis baby’s name is of Greek origin. “Indian dye.“
JamieHebrew origin. (a form of James) “supplanted, seizing by the heel.”
JaydenHebrew origin “Thankful.“
JessieHebrew origin. “gift.“
JordanThis name has a Hebrew origin. “one who descends” or “to flow down.”
JusticeLatin origin. “Fairness, rightfulness.“
KeatonEnglish origin. “place of hawks.“
KendallA gender-neutral name of English origin. “regal valley.“
KylerA baby name with an Irish origin. “The protector of society and good.”
LandryFrench and English origin “Monarch.“
LaneA surname of English, French, and Irish origins. “lance” or “successor of the warrior.”
LoganThis name is of Scottish origin. “little hollow.“
MaxGerman, English, and Aboriginal origin “Utmost.“
MerrynA baby name with an Irish origin.The meaning is unknown.
MonroeScottish origin “From the mouth of the caviar.“
MorganWelsh origin. “Sea” or “circle.“
OakleyAnglo-Saxon origin. “clearing” or “wood.“
ParkerEnglish origin “Keeper of the park.“
PresleyAn English surname. “priest clearing.“
QuinnA baby name with an Irish origin.The name came from “conn,” meaning “knowledge, reason, intelligence.“
RemiFrench origin. “Oarsmen.“
RiverEnglish origin. “body of water.“
RoryGoidelic origin. “Red-haired king.“
RowanGaelic origin “little redhead.“
RyanThis name is of Irish origin. “little king.“
ShayA name with an Irish origin. “Hawk like” or “grand.“
TaylorFrench and English origin. “To cut.“
TonyEnglish origin. “applause-worthy, prosperous.“
TylerFrench and English origin. “tile or brick maker/layer.“
WrenThe name of English origin. “with bird’s species.”

Rock Badass Baby Names

There’s nothing more enticing than selecting a name for your kid after your beloved music star or favorite rock fusion. Here, we have some most popular badass names for baby boys or baby girls, including surnames like Jagger, Hendrix, and Lennon (after Mick, Jimi, and John).

rock Badass Unisex baby Names

We firmly believe that this badass baby name ideas will steal your heart, and you will pick the best suitable name for your future bundle of joy. 

Rock Badass Baby Names list

NameMusic legend Name Inspirations
Alicethink Alice Cooper or the Jefferson Airplane classic Alice
Axlmercurial Guns ‘n’ Roses frontman Axl Rose
BowieDavid, of course
Dylani.e., Bob
Eltonas in John
ElvisPresley or Costello!
Freddieafter Queen frontman Freddie Mercury
Genesisfrom the hall-of-fame English rock band
Gibsonafter the legendary guitar maker
Graceas in legendary Jefferson Airplane singer Grace Slick
Hendrixas in Jimi
Jaggeras in Mick
Jettas in Joan Jett
Joplinas in Janis
Journey80s anthem rockers
JoviJersey rock great Bon Jovi
JudeBeatles’ classic “Hey, Jude.”
LaylaEric Clapton’s classic
Lennonas in epic Beatles’ singer/songwriter
Lolathe classic tune from the Kinks
Marleyafter reggae legend Bob Marley
Presleythe surname of the King of Rock &the  Roll
Prudencefrom the Beatles’ classic
Queenfrom the legendary rock band
Ramonefrom the legendary punk band
RhiannonFleetwood Mac’s legendary witchy classic
Rioas in the Duran Duran classic
Santana guitarist extraordinaire
Steviefor Stevie Wonder or Stevie Nicks
Ziggyas in David Bowie, ‘s alter ego, Ziggy Stardust

Badass Baby Name ideas (Hero & Heroine)

If you want to pick a perfect badass unisex baby name inspired by your favorite hero and heroines, you won’t regret being here. We are pretty much sure that you will illuminate this list of badass baby names. You will find your favorite name pickups of action heroes like Rocky or like Elizabeth Bennet. Enjoy the following list! 

Celebrities namesDescription
Aryaa fierce fighter from the Stark clan in Game of Thrones
Bennetsurname name from beloved classic Pride & Prejudice
BruceBatman’s alter ego
Ferrisbeloved school-skipper Bueller
Hermionefrom brilliant badass witch Hermione Granger
HoldenCaulfield, from classic Catcher in the Rye
Huckshort for Twain hero Huckleberry Finn
IndianaIndiana Jones, AKA everyone’s favorite daring archaeologist
JosephineAKA Jo March from Little Women
KatnissEverdeen, of Hunger Games fame
KentSuperman’s alter-ego surname
Leiaas in Star Wars badass Princess/General Leia Organa
LoganAs known as Wolverine
NatashaAKA the Black Widow)
PhoenixAKA Jean Grey’s alter-ego Dark Phoenix
RockyIncredible boxer Rocky Balboa
SawyerMark Twain’s wild child hero Tom
Scarlettantebellum vixen Scarlett O’Hara from Gone With the Wind
Snowsurname is known to Stark-Targaryen heir, Jon Snow, from Game of Thrones

Creative badass Unisex Baby Names

Every modern parent or parent-to-be wants to choose an unlike name that tributes a legend and adores an action hero. This list comprises of creative badass unisex baby names that will not disappoint you. So, start searching your best suited badass name for your kiddo!

Badass Unisex baby Names
Ameliaas in famed female aviator Amelia Earhart
Edisoninventor Thomas Edison gives us this cool take on Edward
Gretaafter small-but-mighty climate activist Greta
Harrietas in Underground Railroad founder Harriet Tubman
Hawkingas in legendary physicist Stephen
Hemingwayafter the classic author and adventurer, Ernest Hemingway
Lincolnthe 16th president’s surname is also trending for girls
MalalaYousafzai, student activist
NelsonMandela, South African activist
Serenaas in tennis great Serena Williams
SusanB. Anthony
SojournerAfrican-American abolitionist and women’s rights advocate Sojourner Truth

Unusual Badass Baby Names

Still not found your desired name for your little one? These badass baby names are uniquely wild and unusual but a little more artistic. You can consider these following options of wild (in the right way!) for your kiddo.


Perfect Badass Unisex baby Name Ideas with Origin and Meanings

If you’re searching a perfect badass name that’ll keep people predicting, we’ve got covered you. Picking up a gender-neutral badass name for your little one became the ideal choice that most of us consider because they don’t believe in gender stereotyping anymore.

Badass Unisex baby Name Ideas

Below we’ve gathered some uncommon badass unisex names with origin and meanings. Happy finding the best name for your baby!

BlairEnglish and Scottish originmeaning “child of the battlefield.”
BlakeEnglish name with themeaning “dark and attractive.”
Channingan English Irish origin namemeaning “people of Cana or wolf cub.” 
Dakota is a Native American namesignifying “friendly or allies.” A name suitable for a child with who will have a dashing personality.
DevonIrishmeaning “a poet.”
DylanWelsh originmeans “son or daughter of the sea.”
EmersonGerman origin,meaning “son of Emery.” A perfect unisex name.
Finley Irish namemeans “battle warrior.”
HavenEnglish namemeans “place of shelter” or a “refuge.”
JaydenHebrew originmeaning “thankful to God.” This is a name fitting for a little blessing.
JaimeEnglishmeans “one who comes after.”
JordanHebrew namemeaning “the river where Jesus was baptized.”
KevaEnglish namemeaning “the beautiful child.” The perfect name for a beautiful baby.
LondonLatin originmeans “fortress of the moon.”
MorganWelsh originsignifying “traveling the sea.” Morgan Freeman is an accomplished actor.
NoelFrenchmeans “Christmas.”
ParkerEnglish originmeans “keeper of the park.”
PeytonEnglish namemeaning “from the town of the warriors.”
QuinnIrish originmeans “wisdom, reason, and intelligence.”
ReeseWelsh namemeaning “passionate” or “fiery.” One famous Reese is actress Reese Whitherspoon.
Rene (boy) or Renee (girl)Frenchreborn. It is a sophisticated name for a boy or girl.
ReaganIrish or Scottish origin.Meaning “child of the king.” Reagan is also the last name of a former President.
Riley Irish namemeans “courageous and brave.”
Rowan Scottish, Irish originmeaning “little redhead.” This nature name relates to the Rowan tree, which has red berries.
SawyerEnglish originmeaning “woodcutter” and is of.
Shannon,Irish name,means “smart and having great wisdom.”
ShawnIrish originmeaning “God is gracious and merciful.”
Skylar (girl) or Skyler (boy)Dutch“intelligent and scholarly.” An excellent name for a future genius.
TatumEnglish originmeaning “bringer of joy.”
TaylorEnglish namemeans “style setter.”
TonyLatin originmeaning “priceless and praiseworthy.”
WinterEnglish“born in the winter season.” The perfect name pick for the little one born in the colder months.
AdrianLatin originmeaning “of the sea.” 
AngelLatin and Greek.signifying “messenger of God.” An best name for a heavenly bundle of joy.
AshtonEnglish namemeans “from the town of ash trees.”
AveryEnglish or French namemeans “ruler of elves.”

Golden tip for choosing the perfect badass unisex name

It’s great to choose a baby name that is easy to spell and pronounce. You should carefully consider the name’s spelling when picking your baby’s name. Because if you choose something hard to pronounce or spell will become trouble for your child.  

Badass Unisex baby Names

Similarly, you have seen that some names generally have male or female versions of different spellings. Now, it doesn’t matter what spelling you chose, but it’s better to select easy spellings of a name.  

A quick note!

We wanted to indicate that in case the meaning of your child’s name is not appropriate, just Google it. You will find numerous origins and meanings of some names, so it’s pretty smarter to change the meaning you do like.

Over to you!

We wish you Best of luck with picking a badass baby name. We’d appreciate it if you drop your chosen name in the comment section below. Pease let us know if we missed your favorite badass baby name in our lists. We’d be happy to add your famous name while updating. ?