Are you searching for beautiful unisex baby girl names that suit her personality? Congratulation! In this article, you’ll find everything you hoped for. We have compiled some of the unique unisex baby girl names of 2021 in vogue and have multiple meanings. So let’s get started!

There are many unisex baby girl names inspired by the world — and individuals — around us. “The surname pattern has been truly famous with names like Madison, Harrison, Harper, and Blake,” said Moss. Location names are likewise unisex like Paris, Dallas, and Aspen, just like Atlas, Blue, and Raven.

cute unisex baby girl names

Why have unisex baby names gotten so stylish lately? Baby name specialists accept parents-to-be need to let children be themselves. Progressively, society is getting more OK with sex fluidity.

Baby Girl Names with Gender Neutral Nicknames

If you’re searching for a more extended name with a short, unisex nickname, we’ve gathered some of the unique girl names that fit that case below! We additionally went for certain more exceptional takes, similar to how Bill or Billy is regularly a nickname for William; we transformed that into Billie being a nickname for Willie.

Remarkable Unisex Baby Girl Names With Uncommon Nicknames
Aurora (Rory)Bellamy (Billie)
Bernadette (Bernie)Charlotte (Charlie)
Edith (Eddie)Frances or Francesca (Frankie)
Harriet (Hank)Julianna (Jules)
Maxwell (Max)Samantha (Sam)
Theodora (Theo, Teddy)Willow (Billie)
Wilma (Billie)Winifred (Freddie)

Many baby names have had second lives, turning out to be famous unisex names after once being top boy or girl names — at times having been both in different years.

Numerous well-known unisex baby names sound the equivalent however have different spellings relying on whether the baby is a girl or a boy. A girl Averi is one letter off from a boy Avery; likewise Remi, Remy, and Rylie, Riley.

Enchanting Unisex Baby Girl Names

Are you searching for a unique name for your baby? Unisex baby names never become outdated.

When baby name trackers expound on the top names of the twenty-first century, their work gets pretty simple with regards to the top girls’ names.

The top girl names list has remained shockingly stable in the previous twenty years. No dim ponies, no curve balls—just Emma (and her flawless soundalikes Emily and Amelia) and Olivia (and her beautiful cousins Ava and Evelyn), competing for the top.

Here are probably the most famous unisex baby girl names today and what they mean.


It is a Hebrew name for girls signifying “my dad’s delight.” The name “Abigail” has a sweet vintage vibe just as a genuine family: Two First Ladies have been named Abigail, and the Abigail of the Bible was the beautiful, intelligent wife of King David.

Abigail’s enchanting nickname Abby makes it an adaptable and engaging name for a little girl. It has positioned in the best 20 names for girls since the mid-2000s.


Amelia is a German name with the signifying “hard working” This sensitive and pretty name has a dedicated Germanic root, amal, signifying “work,” reminiscent of fruitfulness, fertility, and efficiency.

Amelia’s nickname Amy is a famous decision in her own right, and both have a good vibe and a long history. Parents enlivened by the assurance and boldness of Amelia Earhart love the name Amelia for their girls.


Ava is a girls’ name of Latin roots that signifies “life.” Just recall the extraordinary cinema beauty, Ava Gardner; Ava is a name related to high class and fascinating, and has been picked by various celebrity parents for their little girls, from Reese Witherspoon to Hugh Jackman.

Ava shot straight into the leading five names for girls during the 2010s from the comparable indefinite quality and gives no indication of easing back down—it is right now positioned #3 and is anticipated to land the #1 spot before the 2021s.


Charlotte is a French name signifying “opportunity,” and the female type of the name Charles, which means “a liberated person.” Charlotte has been the name of sovereigns, princesses, creators (most broadly, Charlotte Bronte), and a specific darling, shrewd spider from the exemplary E.B. White novel for youth, Charlotte’s Web.

Glamourous Unisex Baby Girl names

Charlotte was generally underused as a girls’ name after a protracted period; elegant Charlotte jumped into the top 10 in the mid-2010s and is presently positioned #6.


Chloe is a girls’ name signifying “a youthful green shoot” and was the springtime name of the antiquated Greek goddess of fertility Demeter. An exemplary name that topped in prominence in the mid-2000s, Chloe has now started moving to descend marginally in the rankings.

Eminent celebrities named Chloe incorporate the actress Chloe Grace Moretz, the Kardashian sister Khloe.


Elizabeth is a girls’ name of Hebrew culture, signifying “promised to God.”

Elizabeth’s strength as a name stems to a limited extent from its flexibility. There are such countless charming nicknames for Elizabeth; it generally figures out how to feel new, from current variations Eliza and Liz to the so-vintage-they’re calm again Betsy, Betty, Bess, and Libby.


Ella is a recently most loved girls’ name with an assortment of origin stories and implications. In Hebrew, Ella signifies “goddess.” Ella’s Germanic roots give it the signifying “pixie lady.” Meanwhile, in the Scandinavian and English world, Ella is likewise an abbreviated type of female name starting in “El” like Ellen and Eleanor.

Ella rose to notoriety during the 2000s and is presently positioned #15 among girl’s names in the U.S., supported by the top-selling adult novel Ella Enchanted just as by the energetic, vintage allure of namesake Ella Fitzgerald.


Emily is a girls’ name of Latin roots signifying “enterprising.” Emily was the most noteworthy positioned name for girls for more than a long time, from 1996 to 2007. It conveyed a high scholarly family because of author Emily Bronte and poet Emily Dickinson.

While, as of late, Emma has supplanted Emily on top of the dominant list, Emily has an engaging, good old feel that keeps it a work of art.


Emma is a German name for girls signifying “widespread.” It has been the top girls’ name in the U.S. for a very long time running (even though Olivia looks ready to unseat Emma in 2020). It is the most adored girl name because of its straightforwardness and strength. Just as its relationship with courageous women from Jane Austen’s Emma to Emma Bovary to Emma Peel of the Avengers, Emma is additionally the name of various celebrities (Stone, Thompson, Watson) just as Ross and Rachel’s baby on Friends.


Evelyn is an English rendition of the French name “Aveline,” signifying “wanted for the child.” While Evelyn was fiercely famous during the 1910s and 1920s, it had dropped unpopular until its restoration during the 2010s, like a sweet vintage variety of other favorite girls’ names like Ava, Eva, and Avery.

Evelyn’s cool factor is increased by how it’s one of the first unisex names—truth be told, the most acclaimed Evelyn is Evelyn Waugh (author), who married a lady named Evelyn.


Isabella is the Spanish and Latinate form of the name Elizabeth, which is gotten from the Hebrew for “promised to God.” Romantic and recognized, Isabella was the name of the great Spanish sovereign who supported the Americas’ investigation just as the heroine of the Twilight books (which were mindful at any rate to some extent for the massive resurgence of the name Isabella during the 2000s).

With its grand and worldwide allure, Isabella is a top choice among parents searching for a rich name for their little girl, which has adorable and lively nicknames, as Izz, Izzy, Bella, and Belle.


Madison is an English name signifying “Maud’s son” or “Matthew’s son” and was initially a surname. In the 1984 film Splash, the principal character, fearless and romantic mermaid, dedicates herself to Madison in the wake of seeing a sign for Madison Avenue. Within ten years, this name as a given name for girls was a gigantic hit.

Modern parents are more averse to be fixated on mermaids and bound to be pulled into Madison because it’s a unisex name. It has a “place value” like recently famous given names Brooklyn, London, and Paris, and is a “sound alike” of stylish names like Addison, Madelyn, and Mason. Madison crested at #3 during the 2000s yet stayed in the best 20.


Olivia is a girls’ Latin root signifying “olive tree,” an old-fashioned fellowship and harmony image. As notes, Olivia got popularity as a girls’ name in the fourteenth century when Shakespeare utilized it for one of the heroines of Twelfth Night. Olivia is right now the #2 girls’ name in the U.S. what’s more, is much-loved in different nations too, including Scotland, England, Australia, and New Zealand.

unisex baby girl names

Olivia is a reliable female name with sweet nicknames like Livvie and Liv and many acclaimed namesakes from Olivia de Havilland to Olivia Wilde. Olivia is likewise quite possibly the most well-known names for famous little girls: Denzel Washington, Al Pacino, and Tom Hanks all have Olivias in the family.


Mia is the Scandinavian short type of the name Maria and the Italian word for “mine.” It has arisen as a new option for parents who need an option that could be less difficult than Isabella or Olivia yet also more unique than old names like Mary, Maya, or Nina.

Mia appeared in the top 10 suddenly during the 2010s to make a big appearance, thanks partially to various pop society Mias, from the heroine of The Princess Diaries to the intense girl Mias of Pulp Fiction and the Fast and the Furious.


Sophia is a Greek name that signifies “intellect” it was the #1 girls’ name for a large part of the mid-2010s, and it stays a top decision for parents needing to offer a name that signifies insight and elegance on their daughters.

Sophia has a refined and worldwide allure that gives it extra resilience, with well-known variations that incorporate the French Sophie, the Italian Sofia, and the cutting-edge modernization Zofia.

Short Gender Neutral Baby Names 

A few nicknames can hold their ground as their name. We blended a few nicknames, alongside practically some short names, as another unisex name alternative. You’ll see a few rehashes from the rundown above! We also adore the name James, referenced by Shelby as a potential middle name, as a first name, as well.

Billie      Drew
Eddie    Freddie
James  Jules
Quinn   Remy
Scout    Smith

A unisex name is a gender-neutral name, which means you can use it for a girl or a boy. Some unisex names like Avery and Kennedy are generally last names that transformed into first names. Different names, for example, Dana and Leslie, which were once predominantly boy’s names are presently more popular for girls.

There are numerous reasons to consider a unisex name when choosing what to name your kiddo. It very well might be a family name. You may trust it will assist with forestalling sexism in your child’s future. You may like the possibility of a sex liquid or genderless name. Or then again, you may simply think unisex names are novel, cool, charming, and fun.

Cute & Glamourous Unisex Baby Girl names

Wrapping up!

Have you found your desired unisex baby girl name for your little princess? Which name has stolen your heart and why? What Are Your Favorite unisex baby Girl Names with Gender Neutral Nicknames? Do you have any most loved girl names with unisex nicknames or short baby names? Let us know in the comment section below.