We’ve got to know that you are searching for unisex child names for your future bundle of joy? Congratulations on this good news! We have compiled the most popular, unique unisex child names here so, all you need to relax and explore our lists of unisex child names.

Unisex Child names

If you’re unsure of having a baby boy or a baby girl? Searching for a unisex child name that functions admirably regardless of what you’re having is a great fit? Look at our great unisex names lists that can be an ideal fit for either a boy or girl.

Why are unisex child names on the hype?

Unisex child names have become extremely popular in a recent couple of years. In any case, unisex baby names are a great fit to differentiate your children among others; you’re most likely going to hear significantly more of one name specifically. Would you be able to figure which name it is? Explore the following lists to find out;)

So what unisex child names will be assuming control over your preschools and playgrounds in a couple of years? This is what they found:

Popular Unisex child names list

Explore the following adorable names to find a good name for your kiddo!


Charlie ruled in 2018 as the most popular unisex child name in the U.S. What’s more; it beat out all competitors in a small bunch of states, including Alabama, Alaska, South Carolina, Tennessee, California, Idaho, New Jersey, and Utah.


Rowan was a top choice of parents of both genders in Illinois, Oregon, Minnesota, Nebraska, Nevada, North Dakota, and Vermont.


Many modern parents adored this beautiful unisex Irish name. It was the top name in New Hampshire, Iowa, Washington, Wisconsin, Massachusetts, Michigan, and North Carolina.


Southern parents adore unisex child names beginning with P—like Parker, most loved in Arizona, Texas, Georgia, Mississippi, and Maryland.


A sweet most loved unisex baby name inspired by the renowned writer Ralph Waldo Emerson, Emerson is the unisex name adored in Michigan and Colorado.


This sleek occupation name, most usually connected with the hero of Mark Twain’s famous novel Tom Sawyer, was generally well known with parents of one or the other sex in Delaware, Kansas, and Montana.


A beautiful yet adaptable baby name, Peyton was the top choice by parents in Wyoming and Louisiana.


This savage legendary bird roused by modern parents of boys and girls in Missouri and Arkansas.


Riley has been perhaps the most loved unisex child names ever—it rules in Maine, Indiana, and South Dakota.


East Coast parents of all genders love Hayden, as of now, too trendier in Florida, Pennsylvania, Connecticut, and Virginia.


A cunning method to get to the unisex nickname Remy, Remington was dearest by parents in two of our “O” states—Oklahoma and Ohio.

There were a few unisex names that solitary beat out all competitors in just one state. Hawaiian parents are crazy about the name Royal, while Azariah is the top pick in New Mexico. Ariel is a top pick in New York, while Rhode Island’s most popular unisex name is Quinn.

However, a definitive top name wasn’t on the list—Casey’s been picked for boys and girls since the mid-twentieth century.

Best Unisex child Names with Meanings

We’re happy for you to discover the best child names for both sexes. These are likewise cool and adorable baby names with inspiring meanings:

Unisex Child Baby names
AddisonA famous classic English name that can be written with different variants like Adyson, Adison, Addysen, and so forth implies Son of Adam.
AshtonAn extraordinary English unisex name came from the name of a town that implies Ash tree. This name can likewise be composed as Asheton, Ashtun, Ashtin, and Ashtyn.
Angel An extraordinary and exemplary name decision that signifies “God’s Messenger.”
BillieA charming English name with the significance of “Steadfast defender.”
BobbyIt is a typical German/English name. The name means brilliant and renowned.
BrettA French name that addresses somebody from Brittany, France, or a Breton.
CameronIt is originally a Scottish baby name. It signifies ‘Bowed or Crooked Nose.’
CharlieA conventional transformation of the name ‘Charles.’
CharlieIt is a short name for ‘Charlotte,’ so it is ideal for both sexes. 
CypressA Greek name that implies versatile and long-lived.
DallasAn English cool name addresses living in the field.
DarrelIt’s an adorable baby name that signifies ‘dear.’
DenverAn old and well-known English name implies Valley.
DevonA unisex child’s name addresses a ‘poet.’
EvanIt is a typical unisex name with the significance of “God is charitable or Youth.”
EmeryIt intends to England by the Normans public; this unisex name is rare.
FoxAn Irish surname that was a more well-known boy’s name, in any case, many modern parents picking a similar name for their daughters.

Unique Baby Names 2021

Take a look at these beautiful unique baby names.


An English name signifies ‘Saint of God.’ The name has become a brand name in the Bible, and in the 21st century, it was unquestionably an excellent name pick.


It’s a unique baby name starting from the Gaelic word Gleana, which implies stream or the isolated Valley. It has different variations as Glenn or Glyn.


This name is in vogue and cool. It doesn’t have an exact meaning, and it addresses ‘gray-haired.’


It’s a Greek English word. This name signifies ‘Divine air.’


This name can likewise be composed as Isabelle or Isabella. It is a Spanish-originated name that signifies “Divine force of Plenty” or “Promises to God.”


It’s a color name, this implies profound and illustrious Blue, so it’s an ideal name pick for your adorable baby.


An English name that signifies ‘God is generous.’ It is a unique and trendy name, likewise composed as Jacqui.


The name signifies ‘Gift from God.’ This name is short and has profound significance, and is suitable for both girls and boys.


This word is perhaps coming from a Scandinavian nickname, yet additionally, a location in the United States, Jersey is a unisex term you will not hear repeatedly.


It is a trendier English name and has legitimate importance. This signifies “Legitimacy or Fairness.”


It is an Arabic word. An exceptional name alludes to ‘Companion’ or ‘friend.’


This word is a unisex Japanese name addresses ‘absolution or benevolence’.


A unique Gaelic word that came from Irish signifies graceful & beautiful.


Kim is a perfect unisex baby name. This is utilized as a tag or a modest for Brooke, Kimberley, Kimball, and Kimiko. The name signifies ‘Striking family or kinfolk.’

Awesome Unisex Names

Unisex baby names that individuals can use for their child or girl are on the hype these days. We have gathered some of the notable unisex baby names, including some unisex names for girls and unisex boy names.

Baby girl Cute names

So here is a complete list of cool unisex child names and adorable gender-neutral names to help you settle on a decision. We have likewise invested a few amounts of energy in presenting to you the deep meanings of all the unisex names included in our lists.

LakeIt is an early English word implied for somebody who lives by a stream.
LucianAn Italian word implied as ‘Bearer of light.’ It can likewise be composed as Lucy-Ann or Lucianus.
LuxThe word comes from the Latin word for ‘light,’ and it is a shrewd and cool name for boys and girls.
MackenzieA Scottish name implies Child of the intelligent ruler. This name additionally characterizes the parent’s character alongside the baby.
MaxAn Italian charming baby name characterized as the Greatest or the Maximus.
Morgan               A delightful Welsh unisex name. The name came from an Old Welsh Morcant relative, likely got from or (signifying “shore”) and cant (meaning “circle”), signifying “ocean chief” or “ocean defender.”
Nevada               A traditional Spanish name implies Snowy or Snow-covered mountains. It is a Unique and impartial name for both genders.
Nico      This name can likewise be used as a nickname, as it was the nickname of Nicholas. A short and charming Greek unisex name that implies “Victory of individuals.”

Remarkable unisex baby names

Let’s discuss some real aspects of picking baby names; choosing one’s child’s name is perhaps the most challenging job for modern parents. A name is for a lifetime! An unbiased name that can be used for the two sexes is known as a unisex name.

These days, each parent needs to forestall sexism and gender stereotyping, and this would likewise help later on for your child’s future. Unisex child names help sex liquidity. Most parents are looking for unique unisex names for their babies.


It is a majestic early English word signifies ‘from the old oak tree glade.’


A Welsh started the conventional name, which signifies “youthful champion.” or, on the other hand, “well-birthed” and “respectable.” There are notable personalities with this similar name.


A well-known early English name implies Park Keeper. It is a typical unisex name that is broadly used all around the world.


It is a mythical bird’s name that consumes itself to ashes every 500 years; furthermore, it is then raised once more, as indicated by old fantasies. It is a Greek word, which implies “those who vanished will come.”


A beautiful name with a bright signifying ‘Savvy or Clever.’


A beautiful name that is considered a great unisex child name these days. It is an early English word that signifies “From the deer knoll.”


A unique name to reflect your baby’s charming personality. It is a Scottish word that is implied as Wild island.


Ryan is an Irish name that comes from the surname of Ryan in Ireland. Regularly, well-known sources recommend that Ryan signifies “little illustrious King,” even though the name’s unique meaning is dark.


It is a beautiful Latin name that has a beautiful meaning. This name is short and delightful, and it implies Wise and reliability.


A Greek baby name for your adorable baby As babies are a valuable gift from God. This word implies Crown and triumphant.


A cool unisex English name. This word implies Happy and Healthy.


An English name implies “the one who bring happiness.”


A French name implies Occupation or tailor.


The Special word can be utilized both for girls and boys, and it’s the best suitable option for your unique baby’s personality.


A Latin word implies Conqueror. This can likewise be composed as Vicky or Vikkie.


A Welsh unisex baby name that implies Pure and Fair.


Is a Hebrew name that implies the Strength of God. The name likewise sounds excellent with a significant meaning.


A Hebrew unisex name means Risen up. The last letter of the letters in order shows a powerful meaning.

Unisex baby girl names 2021

Wrapping up

We have compiled all the unique, popular unisex child names here. So while choosing a unisex baby name, think about a couple of essential points. The trendier names are commonly used, so if you need a unique and different baby name, go for something unconventional. Cheerful parenting journey!