If you are here, that means you are insightful about magical baby girl names. In this article, you’ll find a perfect fit. Expecting parents have a difficult task, pick the perfect name for their future bundle of joy. They search for names that reverberate with their character and personality, which will help construct their little one’s character.

Magical Baby Girl names

Picking and choosing baby names for girls is among quite possibly the most energizing task for the parents-to-be. Moms consistently need to pick alluring baby girl names that address the deep meaning. Without further delay, you should look at these girl names that are appealing and choose the ones that could be ideal for your sweetheart princess.

Fairy, Enchanting, Mermaid, and Magical Baby Girl Names:


Wouldn’t you say this melodic name would have sounded extraordinary on an elf in The Lord of the Rings? With Old English roots, it signifies ‘companion of the ocean.’


Ailsa is the staggering islet in the Clyde, a nickname as ‘Island of Alfisgr.’ Furthermore, it means ‘elf’s triumph.’ Could it be any more suitable for your cute one?


Aine is an Irish name from the proto-Celtic word ‘aidna’ and signified ‘brilliance.’ In Irish folklore, she’s the queen of fairies.


We had no clue that Alfreda signifies ‘elf power.’ This makes us like it considerably more.


Alice is the inventive and curious hero of Lewis Carroll’s Alice’s Adventures in the Wonderland and the Disney film of a similar name. This unique name signifies ‘of the respectability.’


Alvina is the female variation of Alvin and signifies a ‘mythical person’s companion.’


The super-cool choice for your little girl. Is Ariel additionally the representative name for Jerusalem? This name signifies ‘lion of the God.’


A name with a regal ring, Asherah has Hebrew roots, but on the other hand, it’s the name of the goddess of richness and parenthood. This moniker signifies ‘she who strolls in the ocean.’


Asia isn’t only the name of a continent. In Greek folklore, Asia was Oceanus’ little girl and Prometheus and Atlas’ mom. This name signifies ‘dawn.’ Sweet, considerable, and protective!


This name from Greek folklore, signifying ‘like a star,’ sounds mystical to us. What’s your opinion about it? You can likewise select another form, Astra.


This upscale unisex name is shooting up the outlines for females. Its most recognizable namesake is Aubrey Plaza, the star of Parks and Recreation. Aubrey signifies ‘elf-ruler.’


Seeing green lights moving in the sky is exactly a mysterious marvel. Aurora Borealis, also called the Northern Lights, happens when the electrons slam into the upper climate. This Latin name signifies ‘the dawn.’


The last name got popular as a masculine name. However, it is currently utilized for the most part for a feminine, likely due to its resemblance to Ivory and Ava. Avery signifies the ‘leader of mythical people.’


In Greek folklore, Calypso was the boggling ocean sprite who had feelings for Odysseus. Calypso is likewise the name of West Indian music. It signifies ‘she that hides.’

Cute and Magical Baby Girl names


Stars, planets, and massive galaxies, for most of us, are brimming with sorcery and secret. With Latin roots, it signifies ‘great.’ What a rich and grand name!


Coralia, signifying ‘like coral,’ was the name of a mermaid in an artful dance on Friedrich de la Motte Fouqué’s Undine. We feel it’s an ideal choice for parents searching for an option that could be more extraordinary than Coral or Coraline.


Cyrena was the water sprite who battled a lion that attempted to hurt the Sun god “Apollo.” Apollo built a city named Cyrenaica to honor her. This name signifies ‘Mother of Aristaeus.’


This developed name got inspiration from the dragon girl from Game of Thrones.


This is a fantastic mermaid name for baby girls. Dariyah is the Persian name Daria’s spelling variation, signifying ‘ocean.’ isn’t it sweet or girly. However, it has a bold and robust feel.


This name is roused by the Nickelodeon arrangement Bubble Guppies, which fixates on mermaid preschoolers group and their escapades with their teacher, Mr. Grouper. It is an Arabic name signifying ‘precipitation.’


Indeed, we realize that Delphine sounds more like dolphins than mermaids. Be that as it may, aren’t these two animals massive? This exquisite and genteel French name signifies ‘dolphin.’


With Dorothea and Dorothy’s restoration, Doris likewise gets an opportunity to make it back to the magical baby names list. It’s the name of a sea fairy in Greek folklore and signifies the ‘gift of the sea.’


This moniker sounds something special and signifies ‘elf companion.


This is absolutely stunning and clear alternative best utilized as a nickname. In case you love to watch Pokémon, you’ll realize that Pokémons inspire fairy type.


Fay is a cute and short name, with the Old English root word ‘faie,’ which implies Pixie. Its substitute spelling is Faye.


This Scottish name is currently used by the witch in American Horror Story: Coven. Even though the name signifies ‘fair,’ the character Fiona is not.


Giselle is a soft-hearted princess of Andalsia from the film Enchanted. For the real French feel, articulate it as ‘Ghee-Zah-Elle,’ not ‘Jiz-elle.’ It signifies ‘vow.’


The Harry Potter main-lead woman has a name that sticks out, much the same as the clever and astute wizard. In Greek folklore, Hermione is Kind Menelaus and Helen’s little girl. Her name signifies ‘messenger.’


The name Isla is gotten from perhaps the most fascinating islands of Scotland, which is likewise alluded to as The Queen of the Hebrides. An ideal name for a cutie pie who’ll win everything in this world. The right way to express Isla is ‘Eye-La.’


This name moves off the tongue. Also, it doesn’t sound simply adorable, yet it has deep meanings too. In Hawaiian, Kaia signifies ‘the ocean,’ and it represents ‘pure’ in Greek. Could there be a superior choice for a magical baby girl name?


In Celtic folklore, Kelpie was the water-horse who changed herself into a wonderful lady to attract individuals into traps. This name signifies ‘yearling.’


This name is taken from the German folktales, where Lorelei was the Rhine River’s arousing mermaid, whose unpleasant voice-prompted numerous wrecks. This refined name signifies ‘appealing.’


If you need something uncommon and enchanted for your daughter, Maraja is the one for you. This imperial name starts from Esperanto language and signifies ‘made of the ocean.’


This charming name signifying ‘protector of the ocean’ likewise turns out to be the lead girl’s name in the animated TV program Adventure Time.


Marin, with its Gaelic and Irish roots, signifies the ‘star of the ocean.’ Sounds a ton chicer than Marina.


This French name, signifying ‘elfin,’ is likewise connected with a blue-violet shading color in France.


This rich and melodic short type of Amelia is additionally the name of a sprite in Greek folklore. Melia signifies ‘work.’


This fantasy name would make a beautiful pick for a 21st-century girl. It signifies ‘solid in work.’


Melody is the name of Ariel’s girl in Disney’s Little Mermaid. It signifies ‘music.’

Cute Baby Girl names


As per a middle-age story, Melusine was the name of one of the three sisters lost on Avalon’s Isle. Melusine, the oldest sister, had to go through one day a week as a mermaid. Melusine signifies ‘darker complexion.’


If you wish for an option in contrast to Mary’s common and traditional name, Meri is the one for you. It’s a delightful surname, signifying ‘the ocean.’


This name is included in a British satire film, in which a lonely fisherman gets a mermaid named Miranda, and together they go on an excursion to London. Miranda signifies ‘magnificent.’


Molly is another cute character from Bubble Guppies. Molly started as an epithet. However, it has been utilized as an independent name since the Middle Ages. It signifies ‘unpleasant.’

Magical Baby Girl Names lists (Conti..)


This is one of the ideal magical baby girl names. As per Irish fables, Muirgen was a human who was changed into a mermaid. She was wedged from the sea after 300 years, purified through water, and transformed into a holy person. Muirgen signifies ‘born from the ocean.’


Naida, signifying ‘water fairy,’ would make a fantastic alternative for baby girls birthed under any water signs – Pisces, Cancer, or Scorpio.


Navi is the Pixie’s name in the computer game, Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time. This Hebrew name is the epithet of Gamma Cassiopeia, presented on her by space traveler Gus Grissom. Navi signifies ‘to name.’


Nerissa is an odd option in contrast to Marissa and Nerissa. It is included in Shakespeare’s The Merchant of Venice. Nerissa signifies ‘from the ocean.’


According to the old German stories, Nixie is the mermaid-like sprite abiding in the ocean. You can think about it as an update for Nicki or a substitute for Pixie. Nixie signifies ‘water sprite.’


Ondine is the name of a German water sprite who got married to a human, however, had difficulties in life. Signifying ‘little wave,’ this name rose to popularity because of Audrey Hepburn’s character Ondine on Broadway.


Our perfect name choice for a magical baby girl. It’s short, sweet, and has a place with one of the guppies in the arrangement. The twofold ‘o’ adds oomph to this name. Oona signifies ‘sheep.’


This Persian name, signifying ‘like a pixie,’ sounds different than Paris or Parisa. An ideal pattern of how you can transform a common name into phenomenal with simply an adjustment in the letter.


Pixie is essentially a term utilized for heavenly creatures depicted as little, human-like animals with pointed caps and ears. This magical name for girls is on the hype because of the name with the letter ‘x.’ Pixie signifies ‘fairy.’


Radella is quite possibly the most surprising name we’ve gone over. Certainly a fresher option to ella finishing names. It signifies ‘elfin consultant.’


Sabrina was the name of the water sprite in Comus by John Milton. Besides, it’s the name of a Celtic River goddess as well. The importance of Sabrina is ‘from Cyprus.’


Short, sweet, and totally charming, in Japanese folklore, Sean is a legendary timberland mythical person. Since it isn’t utilized much in the Western world, it would make an uncommon name for your little girl. Sen signifies ‘lotus bloom.’


Sereia is Portuguese for a mermaid. It’s most likely got from Siren, which is additionally a name for mermaids.


Siofra is delicate, frilly, gleaming, and an excellent option in contrast to Sophie or Sophia. It’s an Irish Gaelic name, signifying ‘mythical being’ or ‘sprite.’ You need to articulate this name as ‘Sheef-RA.’


During the 60s entertainment shows, Bewitched, Tabitha is the name of the half-witch little Samantha girl. This idiosyncratic name got famous during the 70s. Tabitha signifies ‘gazelle.’


This moniker acquired a tremendous fan following the release of Princess and the Frog. Tiana signifies ‘pixie queen.’


It is the name of the Queen of Fairies in Shakespeare’s A Midsummer Night’s Dream. This moniker has an elegant and sensitive appeal, much the same as its conveyor. Titania signifies an ‘incredible one.’

Wrapping up!

Most modern parents need appealing and magical baby names with a modern soul. Peruse on to discover some fascinating and alluring baby names for boys and girls that could significantly affect the personalities of individuals.

Magical and Cute Baby Girl names

We genuinely believe that you have found your desired magical baby name for your little doll. If you want us to update our magical baby names list, let us know in the comment section. We’d be happy to know which name melted your heart. Happy parenting journey.