Popular Italian Unisex Baby Names-2021

Are you a new parent and thinking about Italian unisex baby name? —congratulations! We are extremely happy about this good news! While there is a great deal to manage everything on baby’s arrival, quite possibly the most energizing parts is settling on a name for your littlie.

Regardless of whether you need to pick a name immediately or need to stand by until you meet your bundle of joy, it’s consistently a smart tactic to shortlist your tasks to be done ahead of time.

Popular Italian Unisex Baby names

Is it accurate to say that you prefer an Italian name for your baby? Italian baby names are an extraordinary decision paying little heed to your legacy. While some parents pick an Italian baby name because it lines up with their Italian roots and customs, others essentially love the sound of Italian names.

Why are Italian unisex baby names so cool?

Doubtlessly, Italian is a Romantic language. You’ll notice that Italian baby girl names like Tiziana sounds secretive and glorious, and Italian baby boy names like Allesandro sound powerful and brave. One thing is without a doubt; however: every Italian unisex baby name sounds amazing when you call it.

Regardless of whether you have Italian roots or you love how Italian names move off the tongue, there are numerous decisions of Italian names for your baby boy or girl. Like the other Romance dialects, Italian baby names may have started in Latin, or they might be Latinized adaptations of names from different dialects.

Unique Italian unisex baby names ideas

Regardless of whether you need to pick an Italian baby name that moves off the tongue or one with a root that represents your legacy, take a glance at the top unisex Italian baby names beneath.

Gabriela God is my strength                                         
Sergio An assistant, a servant                                  
Sienna Reddish-brown                                
Adriana From hadria 
Amanta  It means to prompt; they are flexible and artistic.  
Boh   An expression in Italian meaning “I don’t know.”
Caerda An Italian surname from Venice  
CapuletAn Italian surname, made famous in Romeo and Juliet 
Celestin A divine or a heavenly individual    
DomaniTomorrow; one who does early planning   
FerrariAn occupational name, meaning a blacksmith  
Gerard Strength
Manziit is an Occupational name for the individual who raised steers. t Mostly used as a surname.    
MicheleThe Angel who forwards messages of God
RinA cold, simple and honourable person
RizzoOne with wavy hair
RomeAn Italian city, an old town of Rome      
RomyA person from Rome, or can also mean Rosemary.  
SilviaTimbered, forest      
SimoneOne who listens. A French and English girl name, used as a male name in Italy                    
SoccaA food name, a type of a pancake         
TashaChrist’s birthday    

How do Italians name their children?

Customarily, Italian parents pick their baby names dependent on a grandparent’s name, picking names from the dad’s side of the family first and afterwards from the mother’s side.

A few Italians have additionally followed the convention of naming their kid after a supporter holy person. By knowing what could be compared to a name, you can keep this convention alive regardless of whether one side of your family isn’t Italian. Or on the other hand, you may pick a name with antiquated Roman roots.

Unique Genderless Italian Baby Names with meanings

Unisex baby names are quite recently turning into a marvel in Italy. As the Italian language expressions are gendered along these lines, as well, are the names. Some Italian word-names or previously gender-specific names are beginning to get over into utilization for both genders. Here are the top unisex Italian baby names that make certain to launch the Italian unisex name pattern everywhere.

Italian unisex baby names

Ambrosi: It signifies “undying,” and this lovely Italian baby name sounds as incredible as its significance suggests.

Armani: Another well-known style name for your daughter or boy, this one signifies “fighter” and has clear connections to the praised creator.

Capri: Regarding the more up to date inundation of “place names” in Italian, this decision after the island off Naples, gives significant sea shore vibes—and we’re cherishing it.

Gianni: While it’s an abbreviated rendition of Giovanni, this nickname (“Johnny”) signifying “God is charitable” is gradually being utilized as an independent name for boys and girls.

Monaco: The Italian importance is “priest like,” yet besides those diligent and thrifty meanings, it likewise seems like a place…and the country by this equivalent name incidentally turns out to be Italy-adjoining!

Sole: The beautiful Italian word for “sun” would make a perfect name for your child… or girl!

Volta: Meaning a “turn” or “revolution,” Volta is one of those uncommon Italian baby names that are genuinely and naturally sexually impartial.

Famous Italian unisex baby names

Picking a baby name is quite possibly the most energizing of welcoming your new family member. The baby’s name is the absolute initial segment of their character that will stay with them as they develop and grow up. Striking baby names are all over, yet finding the right one (significant, expressive, and unique) needs hard work…well if you want to go beyond the boundaries, like Italy!

Is it true that you are ready to dive into the Italian baby names sea? Look at The unisex-names.com list of Italia unisex baby names to locate the ideal one for your precious one.


Why Italian unisex baby names hit the floor?

Italian baby names are known to be among the most loving and resonant on the planet. The most popular Italian baby names in the US today are Isabella for girls and Leonardo for boys.

Top Italian girl names in the US Top 100 incorporate Mia, Aria, Luna, Bella, and Gianna. The US Top 200 boy’s names contain Antonio, Emiliano, Giovanni, and Luca. There are many famous names, such as Ginevra, Chiara, Francesco, and Alessandro in Italy.

Unisex Italian Baby names

The modern Italian parents are more inclined towards non-Italian unisex baby names for their children. The German Alice and Greta alongside the Hebrew Sara and Noemi are famous for girls. For boys, the Hebrew Gabriel and the exemplary Thomas are generally utilized.

Old Italian baby name books reveal information about an individual’s character based on their name, guaranteeing that Donato named baby will be sweet and naive, for example, while Ilaria is romantic and friendly.

The following Italian unisex baby names are most popular and unique at the same time. You can search our detailed lists of Italian names for girls and Italian boy names. These names rank among the current US Top 1000 Baby Names in 2021. Here you go.

Popular Italian baby names

Italian baby names fit all the exceptional standards. In general, they will have a graceful quality, profound meanings, and catch everyone’s eye. Regardless of whether your kiddo has Italian roots or you feel a profound love for Italy, let these Italian unisex baby names rouse you.

If you’re searching for a baby name with a little Italian style, at that point look no further. Here are the best Italian baby names of Italian Origin or that have been mainstream in Italy for years.

Popular Italian baby names for Girls


Popular Italian unisex baby names for Boys


What to ponder When Choosing an Italian Baby Name

Picking the right name for the baby requires a lot to do. If you’re starting the excursion, begin messing with different names in a mix with baby’s last name. Are there some specific letters that sound pleasant? The shorter name would be better or a longer name? Considering baby’s complete name is a hard task to accomplish.

You may likewise need to choose if you’re going for badass or unusual baby names. If this is the situation, think about spellings and articulation, as you would essentially prefer not to pick a convoluted name that individuals will experience difficulty calling it. You may then choose you to need a more notable Italian baby name.

Another factor to consider when selectingan Italian baby name is simply the language. Some Italian names may mean a specific expression or significance, while others are related with holy people. Understanding this concept may help when choosing a name that will best suit your baby. Possibly you need a name that passes on strength or one that addresses excellence. Concerning the individuals who are hoping to line up with Italian traditions, generally Italian parents will join their grandparents’ names into their baby’s name.          

Best Unisex Italian Baby Names with Meanings                                                                    

Many modern parents are inclined towards Italian baby names. Names like Abriana and Alessandra are courageous and tasteful as well as have a deep meaning. We have compiled some beautiful Italian baby names alongside their significance and Origin.  

Italians have a demeanour of style and sentiment conveyed in the names they decide for their newborns. Most people find glory in the classic names as they reflect Italy’s ethnic heritage and lifestyle.

Popular Unisex Baby names

By far most of these names similarly depict a man’s character and persona. Italy is the cause of Renaissance, Michelangelo, pizzas and everything Italian you can consider. The name you decide for your newborn relies upon the social significance and establishment.


Aria is one of the top Italian baby names that mean ‘Air.’ It likewise signifies ‘Lioness’ in Hebrew. You just had the opportunity to spell it as Arya, and you have a unisex name which means ‘Respectable’ in Sanskrit.


This is a beautiful unisex name after the beautiful town in Tuscan. This has a particularly adorable nickname too – Luke.


This name has its Greek and Italian Origin, which implies the ‘Most beautiful.’ It is a beautiful unisex name with an exquisite nickname too Calli.


This unisex name was derived from a female name ‘Gianna’ which signifies ‘God is Gracious.’


As the actual name recommends, it signifies ‘Lion’ and can be utilized for both genders.


This name begins from Sicily, which signifies ‘inlet.’


The beautiful name signifies ‘Sovereignty.’ This name is ideal for your baby, be it a boy or a girl.


It signifies ‘suffering.’ It is a unisex name and your baby will share the renowned poet’s name Dante Alighieri.


As the actual name recommends, it signifies ‘Holy person.’ Santo can be effortlessly utilized as a unisex name ideal for your baby.


Porfirio is a unisex name gotten from Italian and Spanish Origin which signifies ‘purple shading.’

Over to you!

Italian baby names are melodic, full of importance, and permit parents to honour their Italian legacy. Even though you have taken a baby name motivation from the country that presented us spaghetti and pizza, Italian names are exotic.

We are sure that you have found your desired Italian unisex baby name for your bundle of joy. Which name has stolen your heart? Let us know in the comment section; we’d be happy to know.

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