Popular Unisex Names

Might you be searching a popular unisex name for your newborn or your future baby? Congratulations on becoming a new parent! Recently, remarkably popular unisex names relate with notable entertainers or artists. This is evolving!

popular unisex names
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Today you will discover those modern parents picking names that are a long way from the familiar names chosen by their parents and grandparents. 

The majority of present-day parents are picking names identified with places that have ventured out to words that have a unique significance to them, last names of progenitors, or names with surprising spellings. 

Reasons for choosing a popular unisex baby name?

What’s the reason for choosing a popular unisex name for your baby? Many parents reveal that they settled on this decision to give their baby more space to characterize themselves as they get more exposure. They accept that their name should not describe a youngster’s gender.

Picking out a unisex name is a unique decision – however, turning out to be trendier now. Yet perhaps you need to make it one stride further and pick out a popular unisex name.

Here, we have some of the tremendous unisex baby names that were profoundly appraised by modern parents.

Cool Gender-Neutral Baby Names

Arden: it is An English name signifying “valley of the eagle,” However, it likewise has beginnings in Hebrew as a word for Eden’s nursery. 

Auden: Of Old English inception signifying “old companion.

Bailey: A surname starting in the Middle Ages in England signifies “bailiff” or “implementer of the law.”

Blair/Blaire: Meaning “plain or field,” this name has Scottish-Gaelic inceptions.

Blake: An Old English surname with unknown origin. It could be gotten from the Old English word “blaac,” which was a nickname for somebody with a light complexion, or from the “blac,” a name to call in one way or another with gray hair or dark skin.

popular unisex names

Breslin: it is an Irish surname signifying “strife.”

Briar: it is an English name signifying “Thorned bush,” got from the Greek word “briaros” meaning “durable.”

Caelan: A name of a Scottish origin, signifying “individuals of triumph.”

Cassidy: From the Gaelic word “caiside,” signifying “shrewd,” or “wavy-haired.”

Dale: An English word for “valley.”

Denver: It signifies “green valley” but at the same time is the name of a city in Colorado.

Harlow: An English surname that initially signifies “rough slope.”

Jayden: A scriptural name signifying “grateful,” and it has Hebrew origin.

Kaden: An American spelling of the Gaelic name Cadain, signifying “contender.”

Keegan: An Irish tribe name signifying “little fire.”

Kieran: An Irish or Gaelic name signifying “minimal dull one” or “dim haired one.”

Kylin: A variety of Kyle that signifies “attendant of the keys.”

Kyrie: A Greek word signifying “Master.”

Landry: French name signifying “strong ruler.”

Lennox: A Gaelic word that alludes to a position of elm trees.

Mason: it is a Welsh origin word used for “one who works with stones.”

Payson: It signifies “Child of Peace” and is an English name.

Rayne/Rain: there are different spellings for it; this name could essentially allude to rain, a sovereign (Reine), or a reliable guide (Rayne).

Ryan: Old English for “small lord.”

Sydney: A famous city in Australia, this name bears the significance of “one who stays close to the wide riverside glade.

Taylan: Turkish name that implies benevolent, kind, or exquisite.

Wesley: Old English for “inhabitant close to the western wood or clearing.”

Popular Unisex Names for babies

Whether you’re contravening the gender stereotyping concept or you don’t want to wait to find out your baby’s gender to choose a name for your new little one, unisex baby names can be a smart choice.

River – it is fantastic for either boy or girl. Tranquil water name and Kelly Clarkson chose this name for her daughter.

Gray – it means calm, tranquil, and comforting.

Quinn – means calm and robust.

Wren – means veiled forte.

Indigo is more popular as a girl’s name but getting popularity as a boy’s name!

Jude – means admired and has Hebrew origin

Avery – usually a boy name but becoming famous for girls

Robin – it is a remarkably fantastic name pick for babies born in the winter season, a great unisex name choice for both genders

Aubrey – means monarch or influential

Remi – a French word meaning sportsperson or reckless

Popular unisex baby name picks

Numerous unisex names are advancing with the latest trends, and a few boy names turned out to be girlish names. This following list comprises popular unisex baby names that make your decisions easy. Additionally, vast numbers of these unisex names have different spellings if you feel that you need to give the name a push either way.

Look at all these famous unisex baby names ideal for your future bundle of joy.

Alex: (Greek) Defender of man; defender of humanity.

Andie/Andy: (Greek) Short for Andrew, which signifies “daring.”

Billy/Billie: (English) Short for William, which signifies “steadfast defender.”

Devin/Devon: (Celtic) Defender or writer

Francis/Frances: (Latin) a man with a French background

Gabriel/Gabrielle: (Hebrew) God is my strength

Gene/Jean: (Hebrew) The Lord is benevolent

Jessie/Jesse: (Hebrew) God is benevolent

Jordan: (Hebrew) To stream or plunge

Robin: (English) Famed or splendid

Sam: (Hebrew) God heard

Sawyer: (English) Wood sawer

Taylor: (French) Tailor

Vick: (Anglo-Norman) Bishop

Whitney: (Old English) White island

Quinn/Quyn: (Gaelic) Counsel

Some uncommon Gender-Neutral Names

Nowadays, baby names are significantly less gender-focused than they used to be previously. Numerous names generally connected with one gender are frequently being utilized by another gender without any doubt, whether the name was a “girl” or a “boy” name.

There is a trend going on using boy names as girls and vice versa without any hesitation. However, many modern parents use familiar boyish names for their little daughters, such as James, which is becoming an undeniably popular unisex name. However, the pattern goes both ways, mainly as most parents prefer to assign gender at the time of birth.  

popular unisex names

Despite the fact of finding a unisex baby name, a few words have a more genderless feel than others. In like manner, we’ve assembled a not insignificant unisex baby name for you. These unisex names will leave an impact on your child’s personality, and people are going to admire your choice for sure.

In this way, if you’re searching for a unisex name or nearly interested, here are plenty of unisex baby name choices we genuinely believe you’ll pick one.

Bolt: (Celtic) Surname alluding to bows and arrows. The name speaks to having the option to discover your direction or hit your objective.

Darby: (English) Without resentment

Halo: (Latin) Pure light, heavenly

Haskell: (Jewish) Knowledge

Hero: (Greek) Brave one

Journey: (Anglo-French) The name speaks to somebody who loves to explore new places and appreciates disclosure.

Lyric: (English) Word of a melody. It is an Ideal name pick for music lovers and who want their baby t6o to become a musical star.  

Merritt: (English) Wished-for baby; commendable; greatness

Ocean: (English) An enormous waterway. It is a stunning name for the individuals who like to be related to the sea. 

Poet: (English) Someone who composes poetry, a magnificent and remarkable decision for an innovative, creative family.

Rebel: (French) Someone who has a free streak.

River: (English) it signifies An enormous streaming water, a nonconformist name ideal for your kiddo.

Sage: (French) Meaning “shrewd,” the name of a sweet-smelling spice, is appropriate for loving kiddos. 

Samar: (Arabic) Evening discussion

Scout: (Old French) To tune in

Sloan: (Irish Gaelic) Combatants

Storm: (Anglo-Saxon) A rough, unsettling influencing the environment, an Ideal name for the individuals who love the intensity of lightning, thunder, and downpour.

Tennyson: (Middle English) Son of Dennis. An extraordinary recognition for any individual who admires the British artist Alfred, Lord Tennyson

Trinity: (English) is Related to the Holy Trinity of Father, Son, and Holy Ghost. It is an extraordinary Christian name for the individuals who genuinely believe this tradition.

Valdis: (Welsh) Elected one

Valen: (Swedish) Influential ruler

Wren: (Irish) Spear

Wyatt: (English) Courageous in war

Wynne: (Irish) Breeze

Zion: (Hebrew) “Highest point” this name alludes to Jerusalem as the “promised land.”

Popular Unisex Baby Names with likable meanings

Explore the following popular unisex names:

Adrian/Adrien: (Latin) Meaning “ocean” or “water.”

Angel: (Greek) messenger of God

Ash: (Hebrew) Happy

Ashley: (English) Lives in the debris tree forest

Bobby/Bobbie: (German) Famed and wonderful

Brook/Brooke: (English) Small River

Casey: (Irish Gaelic) Vigilant or careful

Chris/Kris: (Greek) Carrier of Christ

Clarke: (English) Educated researcher or copyist

Frankie: (English) From France or a free one

Jackie: (English) God is benevolent

Julian: (Latin) Derivative of Julias, signifying “young.” 

Karter: (English, Irish, and Scottish) A surname meaning one who transports things via truck

Kelly: (Irish) Bright-headed

Kyle: (Gaelic) Narrow and sound waterway

Leslie: (Gaelic) Patch of hollies

Logan: (Scottish) Slight hollow

Mickey: (Hebrew) One who resembles God

Nicky: (German) Victory of the individuals

Parker: (Old English) Park attendant

Shannon: (Irish) Wise stream

Shawn: (Irish) Gift from God

Terry: (Old English) Gatherer

Tracy: (Irish) War-like or contender

Tyler: (French) A surname given to people related to tile’s profession

Famous unisex names

Most open-minded parents, celebrities, and other people find unisex names unquestionably stylish in this modern age! And everyone prefers to search for something special as unisex baby names that they can work either both genders.

For most guardians today, the decision to utilize a unisex name focuses on kids brought up in a neutral environment. These open-minded people would prefer not to force generalizations at such an early age because of typical cultural gender roles; for example, girls will play with dolls and boys love vehicles. These specific environments could restrict a kid’s development and limit him/her to become a traditional culture.

famous unisex names for babies

Now, many parents find unique unisex names derived from different origins such as places (they have visited e.g., Sidney, London, etc), words (Honor or Justice). They also derive from different spellings, virtuous traditional surnames (Kennedy or Reed), seasons (winter, summer), and much more. 

Here we have some of the more likable unisex names picks for your future bundle of joy.


This name has Old English roots and originates from a surname made out of the components ryge, signifying “rye” and lēah, signifying “wood, clearing, knoll.”


This name came from the Middle English harp, which signifies “a harp.”


In Gaelic, lagán, which signifies “echoing place” and was the small type of slack, which meant “a hollow” Basically, it represents “occupant at a hollow.” 


it came from lulus and signified “the first down on the jawline” or “long beard.” Some individuals have additionally deciphered. It means “youth.”


It signifies “Carr’s child” and has different origins. Some researchers relate it with Middle English and Scottish name “car or carre,” which indicates “swamp” or “overgrown spot.” In contrast, others state it originated from the Welsh caer, which signifies “a castle.” Some people also reveal its origin from the Gaelic carr and represents “rock.”


It’s a subsidiary of “sky,” or maybe it originated from Skye’s Isle, an island off Scotland’s shoreline.


Place names have been trendier for the most recent few years, and London has widespread intrigue.


Zion is a unique name as it is associated with different religions and holy books. In the Bible, Zion is the term used for “the promised land.”


It’s the Anglicized type of the Gaelic Ruadhán, which signifies “red-haired individual.”


The name originates from the Middle English hunte, which signifies “a predator” or “a huntsman.”


The name is acquired from a Welsh name, albeit formally, Dylan has uncertain origins. Some people think that it is an Old Celtic name signifying the “ocean.”


It signifies “totally mature” or “a man,” however, that doesn’t imply that Charlie is not for baby girls.


The name came from the Hebrew nōach, which signifies “rest” or “solace.”


Initially, Elliot was a surname and was a short variant of the Old French Ēlie, which was related to the Hebrew Elijah, which signifies “Jehovah is God.”

Over to you

In this modern era, the majority of open-minded parents tend to choose unisex names for their babies. Popular unisex names can reduce your headaches when researching, shortlisting, and finalizing a perfect name pick for your adorable one!

We are pretty much sure that you have found your favorite unisex name pick that is popular, unique, and meaningful at the same time. And don’t forget to let us know your chosen popular genderless name for your kiddo.

Let us know if you consider we need to add more popular unisex names to our lists!

Happy journey with your adorable little one!  

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