If you’re searching for great, unique, and distinctive Russian baby girl names then, you are in the right place. Most of the Russian baby girl names are identifiable versions of traditional American names- so, Annika for Ann, Lizabeta for Elizabeth, etc.

Russian Baby Girl Names

There are numerous reasons for choosing a Russian name for your new little princess. We have compiled a great list to explore if you want a distinctive, unique, and astonishing name for your baby girl.

These names are popular among Russian people and other modern parents inclined towards Russian culture and want their children to pursue Russian traditions.  

How do Russians name their children?

What a Russian name comprises? You’d be amazed to know that Russian baby names have three parts: first name, middle name, and surname. 

The agname conveys lineage, and it comprises of a father’s name or an ancestor’s name. A Russian name includes different combinations of the first name, patronymic, and the last name, which differs for boys and girls.

Popular Russian Baby girl names

What are the popular Russian baby girl names these days? Russian people are more inclined towards traditional names, often with ancestors or religious references. There are also some unique classic names, some names are given only to orthodox princes, but most of these are out of fashion in this era.

Russian Baby Girl Names

After the establishment of the USSR, naming strategies have entirely changed. Many parents tend to choose names derived from different origins, such as the regime’s science, industry, and politics. During this time, the following are the unusual names that are trendier among Russians!

What is a diminutive?

Each Russian name has many diminutive forms, which act as nicknames showing varying degrees of affection or familiarity. This can make reading Russian literature quite confusing, but it’s not hard to learn some forms.

Lovely, distinctive, and classic. It doesn’t get any better than these glorious Russian baby names for girls!

Anastasia.This name has Russian and Greek originsmeans “resurrection.” this name has gained popularity over time and is the name of a Disney princess.
AnnikaWith Russian originsmeaning “grace,” Annika is beautiful and a lovely sibling of the name Ann.
Galina.it is of Slavic and Russian origin,meaning “calm, healer.”
Irina.This name has Greek and Russian origins,signifying “peace.” It is the name of one of the characters in Three Sisters, a masterpiece written by Russian author Anton Chekhov.
Katina.Russian originA beautiful variation of Katherine’s name sounds like a combo of Kate and Tina — both great names!
Karine.it is the Russian name variation of Karen,means “pure.” like the meaning of Katherine
Khristina.It came from the Greek tradition.It’s the Russian form of Christina, which signifies “anointed.”
Lada.the name represents the Slavic “Goddess of beauty,”Lada is elegant and straightforward (yet unique!).
Lelyah. This name is a fun and short variant of its sibling name Alexandra.
Lizabeta. Elizabeth sounds typical, but you’d want something a little different? Consider this version, which is gorgeous.
Manya.Hebrew traditionFeminine but not over-the-top-girly, this is a Russian version of Mary, which means “sea of bitterness.”
Marisha. Another form of Mary, this beautiful Russian baby girl’s name sounds like a sophisticated and modern version of Marsha.
Natasha.It came from the Latin tradition.This name is elegant and sophisticated; Tasha could be a cute nickname when your baby girl is little. It’s a form of Natalie, which means “born on Christmas day.”
Yelena.Yet another Russian version of Helen,with an “-an” ending that makes it roll off the tongue.
Zasha. It’s like Sasha — meaning “defender of mankind” — but the Z makes it incredibly unique for your little one.

Popular Russian baby names for girls

Every parent wants their little ones’ life is a fairy tale for which they struggled. Parents spend many hours browsing the net and many more days discussing the same before finalizing their baby’s perfect name.  Traditions, ideology, family, culture, faith, history, and many more things play an essential part in finding the perfect name, a character with a beautiful meaning that could shape your baby’s destiny.

Russian baby names have a unique enthusiasm for their pronunciation. They sound echoing and exotic at the same time. They are famous not just in Russia but across the world. Typical Russian names like Anastasia to more meaningful names like Natalie, cute names like Katya to unique names like Ninotchka. Choose your favorite one!

These names have beautiful nicknames such as Polly for Pauline or Kate for Katerina.

popular Russian Baby Girl Names

Here’s a list of Russian baby Girl names for your adorable princess whose meaning and a little story of their origin. The list includes everything from traditional and old names to trendy and unique names. Dwell deep into their source, implications, and historical background and find a suitable one for your little one that the stork will deliver at your doorstep.

Name (and origin)Meanings
Alya-derived from Alexandria andsignifies ‘defending men.’ Perfect name for your warrior princess, who might end up saving the world.
Anastasia-The name has Greek originsmeans ‘resurrection.’ Anna will make a lovely nickname for your beloved princess.
Angelinait is a perfect choice for the ‘angel’ in your life, a blessing sent from heavens above. Celebrity – Angelina Jolie.
AnoushkaAnushka or Anushcka are the same as Anna and signify’ favor’ or ‘grace.’ Anu is a perfect nickname for Anoushka.
Anya-Russian nameAnya is a variation of Anna or the Hebrew name Hannah. The exotic means ‘grace’.
Bella-Spanish, Russian and Italian cultureBella means ‘beautiful,’ it’s a famous name. The name became popular with the series Twilight.
Bronya- Bronya is a Polish origin name means ‘armor.’ It personifies protection and strength. The unique name is the right choice for your little warrior princess.
Calina- Greek origins,the beautiful name means ‘the moon.’ 
Cyzarine/ Czarinait sounds ‘royal.’ Cyzarine or Czarina is a perfect name pick for your little princess, who will rule the world one day.
Darya-The name Darya finds its origin in the Persian language means ‘sea.’ It signifies ‘wealthy’ and ‘prosper.’ Something you wish for your child.
DashaDasha is another cute name for your little one and means ‘God’s gift,’ which she truly is.
Diana- a name with Latin originsmeans ‘divine,’ ‘heavenly,’ ‘shine’ or ‘bright one.’ She is famous as the “Goddess of hunting and wild creatures.” Celebrity – Princess Diana of Wales.
Elena-Elena or Alyona comes from the ancient Greek language.It means ‘shining light’, ‘torch’, ‘bright’. In Hebrew, it means ‘mercy.’
Evva-The Russian word for Eve, the first woman on EarthIt means ‘life.’ The beautiful name’s origin in the old testament and the Bible.
Faina/ Fayina- is a name with Russian originit means ‘light’ or ‘shining.’ A variant of Fayina and the meaning changes to ‘free one.’
Fedora/ Feodora- The name Fedora came from the Greek name Theodora.It means ‘God’s Gift,’ and yes, your angel truly is one of Almighty’s best gifts.
Florentina- The beautiful name Florentina finds its roots in the Latin and Indo-European word Flora andmeans ‘blooming flower’ or ‘blossom.’ It stands for ‘innocence’ and ‘virginity.’ Shorten it to Tina for a cute nickname.
Gala/ Galina- Gala or Galina is a name with Slavic origin.It means the ‘calm one’ or ‘tranquil.’ ‘The healer’ who brings a smile to everyone she meets.
Grusha- Grusha is an old Russian name with Greek origins.It means ‘wild horse.’ Untamed and majestic.
Helina-it has old Greek civilization roots and derived from Helen of Troy,It sign’the light of the sun’ and a perfect choice for your little miss sunshine.
Innessa- Derived from Ines or Agnes, Inessa is a name of Russian origin andmeans ‘gentle’, ‘chaste’ or ‘pure’.
Irina-Irina is a famous Russian name with Greek origin,it means ‘peace.’
Iris- Iris in Greek culture is the Goddess of ‘rainbow.’It is a beautiful ‘flower’ and the melanistic part of the eye.
Irya- itis a glorious variation of Irene andsignifies ‘peace.’ The fantastic twist makes the name more beautiful and perfect for your cutie pie.
Izabelle – Derived from the Spanish name Elizabeth, Izabelle, or Isabelle. It means ‘pledged to God.’ The biblical name also means ‘beautiful.’
Jelena  – The name with Slavic origins. It is a pretty and modern choice for your doe-eyed princess.Means’ deer’.
Julija- Julija is a unique variation of the name Julia or Yuliameans ‘youth’.
Karina The name is a popular variant of Carina. means ‘pure’. The name is famous in Russia, America, Poland, Spain, Italy, Scandinavia, and other parts of Europe.
Katerina- The name of Czech origin.means ‘pure.’ Like Catherine, Yekaterina, Ekaterina is popular with Russian and American parents. Kate or Katy would be the perfect nickname for Katerine.
Katia-The exotic and cute name Katia has its origin in Greek, Spanish, and Russian culture.It means ‘pure.’ Katie makes a lovely nickname for Katia.
Lara- Lara has Latin origins;the name means ‘cheerful.’ It also means a citadel’ or ‘fortified city.’
Larissa- According to Greek mythology,it is a nymph, the daughter of Pegasus, and the lover of Mercury.
Lena- Inspired from the Siberian River Lena, and derived from the ‘temptress’ Helena of Troy, the name has Greek culture andmeans ‘light’ and ‘shine.’ It also means ‘alluring.’
Marina-The name Marina came from Marinus.The Russian name means ‘from the sea’—a cute name for your little mermaid.
Masha-Masha sounds beautiful and exotic when called out aloud.Means’ rebellious’. In Arabic, it is an expression of ‘joy,’ ‘happiness,’ and ‘thankfulness.’
unique Russian Baby Girl Names
Mila- The favorite hot name means ‘beloved’ in Russian.The Slavic variant means ‘hardworking’ or ‘industrious.’ Celebrity – Mila Kunis.
Mischa- Mischa came from Michael. The name with Russian origins.Means ‘God-like’. Besides having a beautiful meaning, this name sounds exotic and divine.
Nadia  this popular Russian name has origin in Slavic, Greek, Latin, and Persian cultures.The name means ‘hope.’
Natalya/ Natalia/ NatalieNatal means Christmas, Natalia means ‘birthday of Christ.’ It’s a famous name for girls born around Christmas.
Nika- The name Nika has origins in Greek, Pashto, and Persian cultures. It means ‘pure’ or ‘good’. The unisex Russian name also means ‘victory.’
Ninotchka-Ninotchka is a rare and unique name. The Russian name with Italian origin came from Nina means ‘grace’ or ‘favour’.
Oksana- sounds so very poetic. The Russian origin name.Means’ Praise is to God’. A pretty name for a lovely daughter.
Paulina: it is the feminine version of Paul.It means ‘little stone.’ Polly is a cool nickname for your beautiful girl.
Regina The name has Latin, Romanian, and Italian origin. It means ‘queen.’ Such a monarchal name for your princess who will rule the world.
Sanvi- The name of Russian origin is popular across many cultures.The beautiful name Sanvi means ‘knowledge.’
Sonechka- Sonechka is a name with Russian originmeans ‘wise one’. Soni would make a lovely nickname for her.
Tavisha           means ‘ holy’ or ‘beautiful.’ fantastic and unique name for your little girl who came down from heavens above.
Ulyana – is a famous Russian name for baby girls. It means ‘youthful.’
Valentina- The name Valentina has Latin origins.means ‘healthy ‘ or ‘strong.’ The name is much-loved in Russia, Croatia, Macedonia, Bulgaria, Spanish, and many other countries.
Vanka- Vanka is a name with Russian originmeans ‘grace’ or ‘favored by God’

The diminutives of Russian Baby Girl Names include:

Ekaterina – Katya – Katyusha

Maria – Masha – Mashenka

Ivan – Vanya – Vanechka

Dmitry – Dima – Dimochka

Mikhail – Misha – Mishenka

Wrapping up

Russian feminine names are charming and elegant, imbued with tiers of meaning, but can be quite puzzling to foreigners. You might find yourself questioning how a middle name and first name can be identical, or why every person has many nicknames.

If you’re touring Russian friends, doing business in Russia, or enjoy learning Russian literature, it can be useful to know how Russian names work.

We firmly believe that you found out the fantastic Russian baby Girl names here, find some of the ominous and beautiful names that the Soviets gave their babies, and learn how to decode the nicknames in Russian literature.