The majority of modern parents like the sound of unisex names, mainly the short unisex names. Because they have a smart sound such as Oak, Rory & Remy, other parents prefer to name their child Gaelic or English surnames that emulate their family legacy.

short unisex names.

Many girls’ parents like these kinds of names pick Bailey, River, or Ellery to differentiate their little girls, among other girls having popular names such as Isabella and Emma. 

As of now, our society began to elude the gender stereotyping concept, and therefore, unisex names got enormous popularity in the U.S. and other countries. 

So if you’re assembling your child name list, here are the short unisex name picks with meaning and origin that will suit your little one. LADEN!

Short Unisex Names Starting With the Letter “A”

AddisonThe son of AdamEnglish
AinsleyOne’s fieldGaelic
AlexGuardian of humanityGreek
AlexisProtector of humankindGreek
ArielProdigy of GodHebrew
AshA shortened variant of the name AshtonEnglish place name
AshleyField of ash treesOld English
AshtonAsh tree ringOld English
AubreyDivine being or king of fairiesFrench
AveryElf leaderEnglish

Short Unisex Names Starting with the Letter “B” & “C”

BillyStrong supporterGerman
BlaineSlim or weakIrish
BlairTenant on the plainScottish
Bobbiea variant of the name Robert or RobertaGerman
BrettFrom BritainIrish
BrookA small riverOld English/German
CameronTwisted noseScottish
CarmineA songLatin
CarsonCarr’s sonOld English
CaryA descendant of the wicked oneWelsh
CassidySharp or curly-headedIrish
CecilDusky or blindLatin
ChandlerCreator of lightsOld English
CharliePet form of Charles or CharlotteGerman
ChristianApostle of ChristGreek
CodyRestOld English

Short Unisex Names Starting with the Letter “D”

DakotaPartners or friendsSioux
DallasWaterfall near the areaScottish
DanaDenmark’s backgroundOld Norse
DaneFrom DenmarkOld English
DelaneySon of the combatantIrish
DevonA PoetIrish
DonovanTan fighterIrish
DrewMasculine characteristicsEnglish
DuncanBrown fighterScottish
DustinGreat warriorGerman
DylanSon of the seaWelsh

Short Unisex Names Starting With the Letter “E”

ElishaGod is my protectionHebrew
ElleryFrom the patriarch tree islandEnglish
EmersonDiligent leaderGerman
EvanTeen heroIrish

Short Unisex Names Starting With the Letter “F”

FabianPulse producerLatin
FlorianGrowing or floweringLatin
FrancisAvailable or having French rootsLatin
FrankieA pet name of Frank and FrancescaEnglish/German
Short Unisex Names

Short Unisex Names Starting with the Letter “G” & “H”

GlenIsolated valleyIrish
Gray/GreyGrayson (color)English
HadleyFrom the heather landOld English
HaidenFrom the enclosed valleyEnglish
HarleyFrom the rabbit’s meadowEnglish
HarperZither playerOld English
HaydenFrom the surrounded valleyEnglish
HayleyFrom the hay meadowEnglish
HunterA huntsmanEnglish

Short Unisex Names Starting With the Letter “I,” “J”

IraCareful or observantHebrew
Israelchallenger with GodHebrew
JadeStone of the foeSpanish
JadenStone of the factionEnglish
JanGod is kindScandinavian
JerryGreat spearmanGerman
JordanTo move down or descendHebrew
JulianLight bearded or athleticLatin

Short Unisex Names Starting with the Letter “K” & “L”

KelseyShip archipelagoScottish
KendallValley of the stream KentOld English
KennedyProtected head, helmeted chiefIrish
KileyState where animals forage or attractiveIrish
KimberleyCitadel fieldOld English
LaneA small country laneOld English
LeeA resident near the forest or clearanceOld English
LeslieFrom the gray citadelScottish
LindsayLand of linden treesOld English
LoganDweller in a little valleyIrish
LondonStrongholdOld English
LonnieReady for actionGerman

Short Unisex Names Starting with the Letter “M”

Madisonstrong in fightEnglish
MalloryAdverse or unhappyFrench
MarleyFrom the sea meadowEnglish
MasonRock workerFrench
MeredithGuardian of the seaWelsh
MichaelWho is similar to GodHebrew
Montanathe one who likes mountainsSpanish
MorganBright SeaWelsh
MoriahJehovah is my mentorHebrew

Short Unisex Names Starting with the Letter “N-Q”

OrionSon of warmthGreek
Payton/PeytonA city or arrangementOld English
PerryResident by the pear treeEnglish

Short Unisex Names Starting with the Letter “R” & “S”

RaphaelGod has treatedHebrew
ReaganShort kingIrish
ReganLittle leaderIrish
RileyInhabitant by the rye turfOld English
RobinShining positionEnglish
RudyLeading wolfGerman
RyanShort kingIrish
ScoutTo recognize or to beholdEnglish
SeanGod is lovingIrish
StevieCrown, wreathGreek
ShaneGod is politeIrish
ShelbyVillage on edgeEnglish
SilverShiningOld English
SkyeThe Isle of SkyeScottish
Skylar (Skyler)The Isle of SkyeScottish
SonnyA youthful boyEnglish
SpencerDealer of procurementsOld English
SunnyGlossy or happyEnglish
SydneyWide meadowFrench

Short Unisex Names Starting with the Letter “T-Z”

TannerOld business of tanning skinEnglish
TaylorTo castFrench
TonyDeserving of recognitionLatin
TorySuccessOld English
TylerTile creatorFrench
TyneA stream in EnglandOld English
WallaceFrom WalesEnglish
WesleyA tract in the westOld English
Westwest’s backgroundEnglish
WhitneyWhite havenOld English
WinterTermOld English
WynneFair or whiteEnglish
ZaneFavor of GodEnglish


Why prefer short unisex names?

The popularity of unisex baby names is mounting and has been a developing pattern among the new parents. What’s the reason behind picking a short gender-neutral title for a baby? The most valid reasons are the following:

  1. Choosing a unisex name for a girl makes her “more grounded.”
  2. Short Unisex names sound unique, classy, and uncommon
  3. Beating gender stereotyping roles 
  4. Following the family’s legacy

The use of unisex names has gotten immense popularity in the U.S. just as different nations. You would be surprised that there are still a few nations that think that it’s unlawful to pick a unisex baby name.

In Portugal, Denmark, and Iceland, it is illegal to give your baby a gender-neutral name. In Germany, the local record-keepers find non-gender name would negatively affect a baby’s life. So, they have set certain limits to name your baby a unisex name.

Short Unisex Names

What makes a name unisex?

As you already know that a unisex name works for both genders. All together for a name to be genuinely unisex, you have to go detour from the typical names and name’s spellings that were popular for numerous decades. When picking a unisex name, the objective is to pick something that doesn’t have any meaning of gender.

Places: These can incorporate names of spots like Dublin, Hudson, Camden, Phoenix, Salem, Dallas, Bronx, or London.

Child’s first name: A typical practice is to pick the last name as the kid’s chosen name, for example, Anderson, Hutton, Beckett, Cohen, Sutton, Devlin, Finley, Monroe, or Gray.

Different spellings: Using different spellings can make a unisex name. Some of the unisex names may incorporate Aubrey, Blair, Charlie, Cameron, Finley, Jordan, Kelly, Logan, Landry, Parker, Payton, Reed, Skyler, or Tracy just to give some examples.

Nature: A few parents will pick nature-originated names, such as Rain, Apple, Breeze, Ember, Lark, Maple, River, Sky, Moon, Timber, or Winter.

Words: Different parents will pick some words to give an uncommon name pick; these may incorporate Red, Love, Justice, Mace, Lyric, Navy, Ever, Scout, Halo, Jazz, True, or Banks.

Picking unisex given names is unquestionably familiar in English, especially in the United States. To guarantee that the parents are picking bizarre unisex names, many will combine to make one unisex baby name. A few couples tend to pick a word and spell it in reverse as the baby’s name, to include hyphens or punctuation to form a brand new name.

Short Unisex Names

It’s a tradition that kid names have remained genuinely typical through the ages (especially in the U.S.). Numerous male children get named after their dad, granddad, or another male figure inside the family.

Many girl names are less traditional than typical male names.  Sometimes, the last expressed sound or last letter(s) distinguishes among male and female adaptations of names. One basic “rule” with English names is that female forms of names regularly end in “an,” “ine,” “ey, ie, or ee.” Take a look to have more clear insights:

Names that end in A

Laura, Sophia, Emma, Ava. Some manly spellings end in “a” like Joshua and Luka. Most of the feminine names have Latin origins, and the feminine Latin name finishes in an “a.” There has additionally been an inclination for female names to male titles, for example, Roberta (Robert), Daniella (Daniel), Georgia (George), and Alexandra (Alexander). 


Christine, Pauline, Josephine, Francine.

These names came from the manly forms of the same names, Christopher, Paul, Joseph, and Francis.

Ey, ie or ee

 Kelley/Kellie (manly/unisex name is Kelly), Abby/Abbey, Molly/Mollie, Baily/Bailey/Bailee, Emily/Emilee, Jamie (the male name is James), and Toney (the male name is Tony or Anthony). 


Rose, Daisy, Violet, Holly, Ivy, and Lily.

Popular short unisex names

NameOrigin and Meaning
AlexThis name has Greek origin signifying “defensive men.”
AveryThis French name signifies “reigning with wisdom.”
BlueMany celebrities chose Blue for their little ones, such as Alicia Silverstone’s son, Bear Blu, and Cher’s son Elijah Blue.
CharlieIt came from German origin, meaning “free man.”
DevinIt is a Gaelic word used for “poet.”
DrewIt is the nickname for Andrew, which means “mannish” it is now getting popularity in girls.
DylanIt is a glorious name pick for the fans of Bob Dylan.
ElliotThis exotic name means “The Lord is my God.” 
HarleyIt is an English word signifying “extensive arena” or “cottontail clearing.”
JaggerIt is an old English name signifying “hauler.”
JaiIt is a Sanskrit word used for “triumph.”
KaiKai means “willow tree” in Navajo, “sea” in Hawaiian, “forgiveness” in Japanese, and “earth” in Scandinavian countries.
LeeIt’s a perfect English name pick for nature lovers signifying “pasture.”
MaxIt’s a great nickname for Maximilian, Maxine, or Maxwell, signifying “the highest.”
PaytonIt’s the right name choice for football fans who admire Mr. Manning.
QuinnThis name has Celtic origin used for “wise.”
RileyThis name has an Irish origin signifying “courageous.”
SamThis name has Hebrew origin signifying, “His name is God.”
SkyIt is perfect names pick signifying “heavenly.”
TayIt is the short variant of Taylor, meaning “tailor.”
WylieIt came from old English and was used for “from the intricate river.”

Wrapping up short unisex names

Picking out a short unisex baby name is a smarter choice than you ever decided because short unisex names make your life easier in many ways, for example, easy spellings, straightforward pronunciation, and unique sound.

We are pretty much sure that you have found your favorite unisex name that is short, cool, glorious, and meaningful at the same time. We would be happy to know the name which you chose for your adorable one! Good luck with your journey with your baby!