If you are looking for Unique and different unisex names for your little daughter, then you’re in the right place. Here, we’ve compiled unique, prettiest, and unusual unisex names perfect for your princess. Look no further than these following uncommon unisex names here. 

unique baby names

While shortlisting baby names, you may be considering what the best baby girl names are. Look at this cautiously compiled list of the most exclusive baby girl names, as you find the unique name for your little one among these unique names.

Here, we’ve some of the most unusual baby girl names and implications that you have many inspirations to find an ideal fit.

Pretty and Unique Baby Girl Names

Whether you’ve purchased all the baby name books at your nearby book shop or have been saving bookmarked pages from the websites, finding the perfect name for your little girl can be, however energizing as it seems to be a challenging task. 

If you might want something really sounding, these following baby girl names will possess all the necessary qualities.


A blend of the name Anna and Lise, it’s pretty, cool, and extraordinary at the same time.


This name is the German, and Hungarian type of Bridget, yet it appears to have a more female touch in this structure.


Albeit the name’s meaning is obscure, Charmaine is a blend of “enchant” with the suffix “aine” from the girls’ name Lorraine. If you have twins, both of these names could work superbly as twin girl names.


This is the archaic type of Constantia, which derives from the Roman head Constans, which means consistent or unflinching.


This interesting name is of middle age, yet its roots are dubious. It has German, Gaulish, and Celtic components. It’s the name of a saint of Paris. It could be somewhat difficult to articulate. However, it sounds pretty.


German source, the name probably comes from a rough territory along the Rhine River. It’s additionally the name of a rock song from the 1970s. Whichever story you like more, the name has a beautiful ring to it.


Like Lucia, the name Lucinda has a literature essence. It’s a substantially more exciting type of the name Lucille.


This is a female type of Michael, a Hebrew name that signifies “Who resembles God?”


A diminutive of the Roman name Prisca, which shows up in the New Testament.


This name has Gaelic sources and comes from the words tuile and flaith, which mean plenitude and princess, individually.  

Adorable and Unique Baby Girl Names

Any of these names would be a charming decision for your beautiful baby girl.


It’s the female type of Callistus, which implies most beautiful in Greek. What could be a superior name for your cute baby girl?


A scriptural name from the New Testament implies queen mother. You don’t need to be strict to pick this exciting alternative.


This glorious-sounding name is the female type of Philip, which implies admirer of ponies.


It’s a middle-aged Italian nickname meaning jewel or valuable stone. Simply the perfect name for your valuable kiddo!


Julian’s female type depends on Julius, a Roman ruler and a holy person. You could articulate this either with a delicate G or a hard G.


Initially, a place name, Harlow, comes from Old English and means rock hill or armed force slope. It’s the perfect name if you need your girl’s name to exemplify strength.


In Latin, this beautiful name implies delight or bliss. It’s additionally the name of a holy person respected in Spain. If you’d adore your little one’s life to be loaded with positivity and satisfaction, at that point, this name could get her looking fantastic so far.


Oda’s French diminutive , which is the female type of Otto, has a charming ring to it. The name likewise includes in a famous Russian ballet.


This is the Latinized type of the Greek name Phoibe, which implies pure or brilliant. Phoebe was a titan in Greek folklore. Not exclusively does the name have incredible importance, it likewise has a ring of capacity to it.


The tree’s name whose name comes from the Old English word welig. This name could be suggestive of the peacefulness of willow tree limbs influencing tenderly in the breeze.

Short and Unique Baby Girl Names

If you’re searching for a baby girl name that is unique and short, look at one of these:


This is the English type of Eithne, which implies grain in Irish. It’s additionally the name of a holy person. The name is remarkable and peaceful sounding.


In Middle English, this short name implies pixie. To make the name somewhat fancier, you could add an e as far as possible. In any case, it’s a lovable name with a charming significance.


From the name for the plant, the name initially comes from the Old English fearn.


This is a short type of the name Margareta, which is gotten from a Greek word signifying pearl. Simply envision calling your little one by this rich name.


This means rainbow in Greek; this short name was likewise the name of the Greek goddess of rainbows and a bloom.


This short name starts from the climbing plant’s name and is initially gotten from the Old English word ifig. Think about Ivy for your baby girl.

Unique baby girl names


Another short name with a significant effect is this name, which is well known in Australia and is accepted to mean boomerang in Australian Aboriginal dialects.


In Arabic, this beautiful name implies night.


This name comes from Greek folklore and means great mother. There are a few spellings, yet Maia is one of the more novel variations.


This is the short type of Griselda, which comes from the German words gris and hild, which mean dim and fight, separately.

Uncommon Baby Girl Names

If you need your little girl to stand apart from the group, pick one of these less conventional names.


This beautiful name implies bright or vivacious in Italian. It’s a beautiful choice for your little princess.


The Irish and Scottish type of Katherine is substantially more exceptional.


Joining the name Christina with the addition “bel,” the name happens in archaic writing. If you’re having twins, you should seriously think about naming your little girls Christabel and Isabel, as these make an exquisite pair.


This means optimism in Greek; this may be the perfect name for a newborn baby who has effectively brought such a lot of satisfaction into your life.


This name’s roots are unsure, yet in Arthurian legend, Isolde is an Irish princess who fell in love with her lord’s knight.


The female type of Joel, which in Hebrew signifies “Yahweh is God.” You can articulate the J with a hard G sound or with a “zh” sound.


This name is gotten from the Sanskrit word significance house or residence. Its significance may sound a little plain. However, nothing is exhausting about this exceptional name.


This name is the Irish type of Jehanne, which is the Norman-French variant of Jeanne. In this structure, the name is significantly more attractive.


This Aramaic name implies gazelle. It additionally shows up in the New Testament.


This exceptionally unique sounding name, in all likelihood, implies wrap in Greek. It’s likewise a name of a holy person and is included in a well-known French opera.

Rare badass Baby Girl Names and Their Meanings

If you’re searching for something truly different or even uncommon, at that point, explore this list of unique baby girl names.


This is the island that legend tells King Arthur met with his death angel. If you’re an enthusiast of fantasies and legends, you should seriously think about this choice.


The female type of the Hebrew name Aviv, which means spring and is the name of Tel Aviv. In this female structure, it sounds exuberant and new.


It was inspired by a French surname or from a place name that implies stony. There is additionally a holy person with this name. At the point when articulated with the “sh” sound, the name sounds extremely lovely.


This Slavic name implies morning star or Venus, a lovely picture to have when considering your little girl.


The French type of Sollemnia, which comes from the Latin sollemnis, which implies religious. You need to pick this beautiful name.


The Spanish and Portuguese type of the Hebrew name Rachel, which implies ewe. Albeit the significance isn’t that engaging, the name sounds relatively rare.


It has Greek origin, which means prophetess. As indicated by Greek and Roman legends, there were various sibyls in the old-fashioned world. The name sounds both tense and intelligent.

Unique and different baby girl names


As the feminine type of the Roman name Tatianus, Tatiana’s name was given to a holy person who was martyred in Rome.


This name comes from Jessenia, a kind of tree in South America. The name has additionally been highlighted in Mexican telenovelas. For a cheeky name, think about this one for your baby girl.


from Greek God Zeus. It was additionally the name of a holy person. Your girl most likely will not meet any other individual in school with this name.

Generally Unique and Powerful Baby Girl Names

These names have a fantastic essence, yet besides, they have deep meanings.


This is the female type of the Arabic male name Aali, which implies high, grandiose, or great — the ideal significance for your daughter.


This middle age Scottish name is a variation of Annabel. And it stems from the Latin word mirabilis, which implies invocable.


This is the name of people residing in southern Ghana. It probably implies warlike in the Twi language, conjuring pictures of power and strength for your little girl.


Athena was the Greek goddess of knowledge and fighting, just as the supporter goddess of Greece’s capital. It is a name that is overflowing with boldness and strength, so it’s a shocking decision if these are characteristics you’d like in your little one.


The Latinization of a Greek name implies bringing triumph; Berenice likewise shows up in the New Testament as Bernice. The name is incredible, just like your daughter.


In Hindi, this name implies little goddess, the perfect name for your little one.


This name comes from the Greek words Philos (companion or sweetheart) and menos (psyche, strength, or power). It was likewise the name of a holy person. While the name’s significance is incredible, it actually has a delicate ring to it.


In Hebrew, this name implies my princess. This was Sarah’s unique name in the Old Testament. Another ideal option for your little princess.


From old Greek, this strange name implies brilliance to God. It was additionally the name of a holy person.


Different cities in Spain and Venezuela come from the Latin word valentia and imply strength or force. The name sounds incredible while as yet sounding romantic and cheerful.

Wrapping up!

Have you picked up a different baby girl name from our lists? She’ll unquestionably stand apart from the group with any of these names, and she’ll be exceptional to everybody she meets. Picking a name can be loads of fun, yet a hectic task because of many considerations. 

Different baby girl names

Whether you shortlisted the baby girl names or you’re attempting to limit, or you’re overpowered by all the choices, arranging a baby naming party can be an extraordinary method to choose an ideal name pick for your princess.