Might you be searching for rare unisex baby names for your future kiddo? First of all, Congratulations for this new addition to your family, secondly, we’ve got you covered for searching a rare unisex baby name for your littlie. We are here with a complete updated list of rare unisex baby names from which you’ll have many unique unisex name choices for your baby.

A unisex name is a name which you can use for both genders, boys and girls. Some unisex names like Avery and Kennedy are generally last names that transformed into first names. Also, Dana and Leslie were considered boys names, but now they are popular for girls.

Unique unisex baby names

Many modern parents consider a sexually unbiased name when choosing to name their newborn. It could be a family name. We humbly appreciate your choice of picking a unisex baby name because unisex baby names are a great fit in all aspects.

Why pick unisex baby names?

You may trust it will help to avoid gender stereotyping, or you may like a genderless name for your baby. Or then again, you may simply think unisex names are one of a kind, cool, adorable, and fun!

Whatever became the reason for picking the unisex name, it became trendier in the modern families to choose sexually unbiased names for their newborns. Also, while in the past it appeared to be somewhat wired to pick the last name as a first name or to take a boy name and use it for a baby girl, it’s presently ordinary. If you select this sort of name, your kid will know different children with unisex names, as well.

Unique unisex names list

What’s cooler than picking a rare unisex name for your baby? Explore our comprehensive unisex names lists with the origin and broad meanings. Enjoy finding your little one’s name!  

Unique unisex baby names list from A-C

AdamIt signifies ‘Son of Adam’
AddisonIt is of old English that means ‘child of Adam’
AdrianA type of the Latin given name Adrianus or Hadrianus, likely from the old river Adria
AidenIt is derived from Gaelic; it implies ‘fire.’
AinsleyIt has Scottish roots it implies ‘one’s own glade.’
AlexIt came from the Greek roots which states ‘defender.’
AlfieShort form of Alfred, from Old English Aelfraed, implies ‘mythical person’ and ‘direction’ or ‘wise.’
AliFrom Arabic, ‘commended, respectable.’
AmoryOld German roots, ‘courageous, power’, derived from of Emory
AndieDerived from Andy
AndyShortening of Andrew/Andrea from the Greek Andreas
AngelGreek roots, from the heavenly attendant, ‘angelos’ or messenger of God
ArcherA surname, it implies ‘Bowman’, presently, used as a first name.
BlueAn inspiration from colour, it is in current use.
BobbyAt first, an epithet for Robert.
BowieGaelic and Scottish origin, ‘yellow’, ‘blond’, formally the last name
BradyIrish and Gaelic roots, ‘relative of Brádach’, which itself perhaps signifies ‘lively’ or ‘spirited.’
BrennanIt has Irish and Gaelic roots, ‘tear.’
BrentClassic English for ‘high spot, steep slope.’
BrettIt came from Celtic and French; it implies Breton or somebody from Brittany, France.
BriarClassic English from the prickly bush is also the name Briar Rose given to the princess in Sleeping Beauty.
BrightonThe English name means ‘splendid town’, likewise the town on the south shore of England.
BrittonClassic English, ‘from Britain’
BrookeClassic English and Old German roots from ‘water/little stream.’
BrooklynClassic English ‘little stream’ yet also from the New York City borough.
Brooks Classic English and Old German for ‘water, little stream.’
CassidyIrish, ‘individual with wavy hair.’
Chance It has Middle English roots, ‘favorable luck.’
ChanningEnglish and Old German roots, ‘young wolf; official of the congregation.’
CharleyFormally an epithet for Charles, Charlene or Charlotte
CharlieFormally an epithet for Charles, Charlene or Charlotte
ChrisShortening of Christopher/Christian/Christine
ClayAn abbreviated derived from of Clayton
ClaytonClassic English, from ‘clay settlement.’
CodyIrish and Gaelic roots, it implies ‘the helping one.’
ColeClassic English, ‘dark, coal-dark.’
CoreyDubious roots could be from a Norse last name or the Gaelic coire (‘cauldron/a fuming pool/empty’)

Unique unisex names from D-H

Here, you can pick some of the unique unisex baby names from D-H. We hope you’ll discover the right unisex name for your kiddo. A happy journey of selecting the baby’s name! 

unique unisex baby boy names

Explore these unique unisex names lists and choose the right name! 

NamesOrigin & Meanings
DarylOriginally it came from French family name (‘from Airelle’, a town in Calvados)
DawsonIt is of old English, from the surname that implies ‘child of David’
DeltaGreek roots, ‘river’s mouth.’
DenverClassic English and French roots, ‘green valley’, contemporary use may allude to the city.
DevinIrish and Gaelic roots, from ‘minstrel, writer’ or the French ‘divin’, it implies ‘divine.’
DorianGreek roots, ‘from Doris’, a territory in Greece
DrewOf Greek roots, it implies ‘solid and masculine.
DylanWelsh roots ‘child of the ocean’, an amazing Welsh legend
Ember English origin, it implies ‘Flash, Burning Low.’
EmersonClassic English, from the last name ‘Emery’s son
EmeryEmery has German roots, and it implies ‘Fearless; amazing.’
EmoryDerived from Emery
ErinIrish and Gaelic roots, from a beautiful word for ‘Ireland.’
EvelynA baby girl’s name of English origin and it implies ‘wanted for kid.’
EzraA kid’s name of Hebrew roots and it implies ‘help.’
FlynnIrish and Gaelic, ‘relative of Flann’, a byname it implies ‘ruddy or bronzed.’
FrancisLatin roots, ‘Frenchman.’
FrankieMinor of the name Frank, Frances, Francis or Francesca
GeorgeGreek roots from ‘georgos’ it implies ‘turner of the soil.’
GlenGotten from the Gaelic ‘gleana’, it implies valley.
GreyClassic English roots, inspired by the color, formally indicating ‘grey hair.’
HaydenClassic English, previously a surname, ‘hedged valley.’
HenryThe name Henry signifies ‘Leader of the home’ and is of German roots.
HonorFrom Latin, an uprightness name
HudsonClassic English roots, ‘Hugh’s son.’
HunterEnglish roots it implies ‘one who chases the prey.’

Unique unisex names from J-L

We have got a lot of unique unisex name choices for your kiddo! Explore the following lists of unique unisex baby names from J-L. Best of luck!

NamesOrigin & Meanings
JeanOf Hebrew roots, derived from of John/Jane
JesseOf Hebrew roots, ‘the Lord exists’, can be the short form for Jessica.
JessieOf Hebrew roots, ‘the Lord exists’, shortening for Jessica.
JodyFormally, Judy is a pet form, itself a pet type of Judith, and a short variant for Joseph or Josephine.
JordanHebrew roots for ‘down-streaming’, a famous river in the Middle East
JudeGreek roots, it implies ‘adulated.’
JulesFrench roots, derived from of Julius/Julian, could be a shortening of Julie.
JulianFrom Latin, ‘young’, another form of Julius, utilized by a few ground-breaking Roman heads.
KendallOf Old English roots, ‘the Kent river valley’, ‘bright stream valley.’
Kennedyit is from two Gaelic words which imply ‘clan leader’ and ‘cap’. It’s also a first name taken from the last name.
KerryIrish and Gaelic roots, ‘dark haired.’
KimShort type of names like Kimberley and Kimball
Kit Formally an epithet for Christian
KylarDerived form of Kyle
KyleIt has Gaelic roots, and it means ‘thin, straight’ alluding to different places, for example, strait or peninsula.
Kylin It is a derived form of Kylie (Australian, ‘boomerang’)
KyrieIt has Greek roots that mean ‘Master’, a Christian supplication Kyrie eleison it implies ‘O lord, show leniency.’
LincolnClassic English ‘lake state’, English city and classic Roman settlement, also an inspiration from US president Abraham Lincoln
LindenEnglish roots, nature name from the tree of a similar name
LindsayScottish roots, ‘a lake; group of linden trees’
LoganOf Gaelic roots, it implies ’empty.’
LondonFrom the city, presently utilized as a popular unisex name
LonnieOld German roots, from Alonzo, ‘prepared for the war.’
LorenLatin roots, ‘from Laurentum’
LouFrom Louis or Louise

Unique unisex names from M-O

We’ve observed many modern parents tending towards the unique unisex names that start with M-O because they have cool sounds. Choose your cuto’s name from this following list.

MckenzieIt has Scottish roots, and it means ‘the fair-minded one’. Formally a last name
MicahOf Hebrew roots, ‘who resembles God?’
MichaelOf Hebrew roots, ‘who is similar to God?
MilanSlavic roots are used for ‘generous, dear’, or from the Italian city, which takes its name from a Celtic word it implies ‘mid-plain.’
MillerEnglish name related to occupation and it means ‘mill worker.’
MonroeScottish last name it implies ‘from the mouth of the River’
MontanaIt has Latin roots and used for ‘mountain’, additionally the US state.
MorganIt has Welsh and Old English roots, and it means ‘circumnavigating ocean; dweller of white sea.’
MurphyIt is of Irish roots, and it implies ‘ocean champion.’
NoelFrom the Old French ‘noel, nael’ and it implies ‘Christmas.’
NoelleFrom the Old French ‘noel, nael’ it implies ‘Christmas.’
NolanIt has Irish and Gaelic roots, and it means ‘champion.’
NovaLatin word used for new, it is a star that discharges a lot of energy and light.
OwenA customary Welsh name that implies ‘young hero’ or respectable.’

Unique unisex names from P-S

Have you picked your baby’s unisex name from the above list? If yes, congratulations, if no, we’ve another list for your shortlisting process of your baby’s name.

NamesOrigin & meanings
PaigeIt has English roots, and it implies a youthful worker.
PaisleyScottish roots from the designed texture made in Paisley
ParisRuler of Troy from Greek folklore, the capital of France
ParkerIt is of classic English used for ‘park guardian’, likewise a family name.
PatPatricia/Patrick’s short form
QuincyIt has Old French roots, ‘fifth child’s estate.’
RaleighClassic English roots and it means ‘roe deer’s knoll.’
RamseyClassic English name, ‘raven island; slam island.’
RaphaelIt has Hebrew roots, and it implies ‘God has recuperated’, with various varieties (Rafael, Raffaello and so on)
RayAbbreviated rendition of Raymond/Rachael
RayneLatin roots and it implies ‘sovereign; song; counsel’. Another nature name is rain. 
ReaganGaelic surname and it implies ‘little ruler’ presently utilized as a given name.
ReedIt has English roots, a perfect nickname-derived last name alluding to an individual’s appearance or red-haired.
ReeseIt has Welsh roots, and it implies ‘eagerness.’
ReganDerived form of Reagan
RemiFrench roots and it means ‘from Rheims’
RemingtonClassic English roots mean ‘raven-family town’. Television character Remington Steele has inspired utilization of the surname as a given name.
RemyFrench name from a dark Latin individual name (Remigius) and it implies ‘rower.’
ReneShortening of Renee, Irene, Renata
RileyIt has Irish, English and Gaelic roots and it implies ‘bold’, ‘rye clearing.’
SageIt has Latin roots and means ‘insightful’ or a herb’s name.
SailorEnglish roots, non-regular occupational name, ‘one who sails.’
SalemArabic and Hebrew roots, means ‘Harmony’, inspired from a place name in Jerusalem.
SamShortening of names including Samuel and Samantha
SashaGreek roots, from ‘man’s protector, fighter.’
SawyerEnglish roots and it implies ‘woodcutter.’
SeanThe Irish name derived from John or French Jean, eventually from Hebrew, means ‘God is gracious.’
ShaeGaelic roots, it implies ‘honorable.’
ShannonOf Gaelic roots, ‘old, antiquated’, likewise a famous location name in Ireland.
ShawnA derived form of Sean
ShayA derived form of Shae
ShilohIt has Hebrew roots, and it implies ‘His blessing.’
SidneyIt has Old English roots, ‘wide knoll.’

Unique unisex names from T-Z

Here, you’ve good choices for your baby’s unisex names. You can explore one by one, and probably you find a great fit.

NamesOrigin & Meanings
TannerClassic English roots mean leather manufacturer. 
TateIt has middle English roots and means ‘lively’, identified with Norwegian ‘Tait.’
TatumOf Old English roots, it implies ‘Tate’s residence’ or a ‘the one who brings joy.’
TaylorMiddle English, from the tailor
TeaganIrish roots mean ‘alluring; philosopher, poet.’
TennesseeIt is from the US state, developed from Creek and Cherokee words which have unclear meaning.
TennysonMiddle English roots and means ‘Dennis’s son’, Lord Tennyson, a famous poet’s name inspiration.
TeriSubstitute type of Terry, a shortening of Teresa/Theresa
UmberFrench roots and means ‘shade’, a pigment used by painters
VeniceIt has Latin roots, from the famous place Venice.
VickAnother form of Victor/Victoria
WindsorClassic English roots, ‘riverbank with a winch’, place name and the last name of the British royal family
WynnIt has Old English roots and means ‘companion’, it also has a Welsh version that implies ‘white, fair.’
WinterClassic English, from the season
WisdomEnglish roots, a prudence name, implying ‘wise individual.’
WrenClassic English roots, inspired by a little songbird
WyattFrom Old English, it implies ‘war strength.’
ZephyrIt has Greek origin and signifies ‘wind of west.’

Wrapping up unique unisex baby names

We truly believe you have picked a unique unisex name for your cute one, with the help of our compiled lists of unique unisex baby names.

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In case, you have more ideas for improving our unisex names lists; you’re welcome to comment below because we value your thoughts and recommendations to create our content more valuable also we want to know your selected unique unisex baby name for your littlie 😉