What is a unique unisex name?


There are many names in the world, but some are unique. Many parents are looking for an unusual name for their baby that will be both masculine and feminine. Here are some names that could work well as a unisex name.

1. Aaliyah – This is a popular girl’s unisex name, but it can also serve as a unisex name. The meaning of this name is “highest one”. It comes from Arabic origin and you can find it in the US popularity chart at number 1634 which means it is not very common yet.

Top 10 Unisex Names – List of names at the end of this article!

 unique unisex name
unique unisex name

Being a parent of a daughter, I am often asked by friends if I have any thoughts on names for their children. The most common question is what are some good unisex names? Here are my top 10 choices.

Some of these names are completely unisex while others lean towards one gender or the other. Either way, they are all great options that will stand the test of time.

Charlotte – A great name for many reasons, but especially because it’s easy to spell & pronounce. Also sounds super feminine when paired with traditional boys’ names like William.

  • Aarya: Signifying: Prayer
  • Addison: Signifying: Son of Adam
  • Alby: Signifying: From Alba
  • Alex: Signifying: To protect
  • Alexis: Signifying: Defender
  • Ali: Signifying: Sublime
  • Angel: Signifying: the messenger of God
  • Archer: Signifying: Bowman
  • Arya: Signifying: Lion
  • Ashley: Signifying: Of the debris wood

Why do we need unisex names?

Why do we need unisex names?
Why do we need unisex names?

The world of naming is going through a major revolution. More and more parents are looking at names that can be worn by both genders. So, why do we need unisex names?

Unisex names have been around for centuries, just not as common as they are now. In the past, only royalty could get away with giving their children unisex names. But, in today’s world, where people no longer give royal titles to their kids so easily, it has become easier for all parents to choose a name that can go either way.

Unisex name examples

A unisex name is a given name used for both males and females. Names that are unisex include names such as

  • Alex
  • Ash
  • Charlie
  • Chris
  • Dylan
  • Ellie
  • Grace
  • Jack
  • Jake
  • Jamie
  • Jason
  • Jess
  • Jill
  • Joanna
  • Josh
  • Kate
  • Katie

    You can use the following examples to create your own list of unisex names.

What is your favorite unisex name?

favorite unisex name
favorite unisex name

What is your favorite unisex name? I have always thought that the word “unisex” was a strange word. When did it become popular to be “unisex”? It seems that every year there are more and more names that are being used for both boys and girls.

This article is here to help you find out what your favorite unisex baby name is. This article includes the top 25 most popular baby boy/girl names of 2015 so you can get an idea of what’s hot in 2021.

If you’re a parent, please share some tips on how to pick a good unisex name for your child!

As a kid, I loved the name “Tobias.” I dreamed of having that name and imagined how it would sound when people called me by that name.

A few years later, my sister was born and we were given the option to give her one of our parents’ names (they had decided beforehand to give us each a first and second choice). Naturally, I chose “Tobias” for her as well. Unfortunately, Tobias was already taken by another baby in the hospital; we gave her my dad’s middle name instead: Elizabeth.

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